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    door upgrade to increase resale value?

    I have 7 hollow-core doors in my house which, to me, don't look very attractive. I am thinking about replacing them with pine solid doors. I will eventually sell the house. Would it increase the resale value beyond my investment? My neighbor thinks that it's not worth upgrading them.
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    How to smooth drywall texture

    Hi Glenn, Thanks for your warm welcome.:p I put first layer of joint compound on the walls and it looks just like plaster, now that it's drying. I think it will work! I am curious if I can retain the plaster look after I paint it. I feel that latex paint is not gonna do it. Would oil base...
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    How to smooth drywall texture

    I have a house built in 1980's and the walls and ceilings have some texture (it's not popcorn but looks more like crust). I'd like it to look like diamond finish plaster. Would drywall compound smoothed with a plaster trowel work? Or should I attempt to sand it down? Thanks for all suggestions.