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    Is solar power any good?

    do they make inexpensive panels yet that can run like say all the lights in a house? Can you store enegery into a huge battery during the day to use at night?
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    Plecos or catfish?

    I am in the process of building a Koi pond and not sure if I should add Plecos or catfish to help clean it. Any suggestions? Are there any other bottom feeders that consume more than those two?
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    How much does an acre cost in your area?

    I live in the Hill Country of Texas and land is becoming outragous. I was pricing a 15 acre lot with no water, electricity, gas, etc. just a vacant lot which is about 18-20 miles from the closet town and it was running at 6k an acre. Couldn't believe it. It has no view at all and nothing extra...
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    What should I do about grass? New soil?

    I am in Central Texas and I bought a few acres and wanted to start putting grass seed down but the soil around the homestead has been driven on for years and very, very packed down. What should I do? Rent a machine to unpack it?
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    Stall shower pan mold?

    I am replacing a shower pan in a very old stall. Is there any danger I should worry about with mold? I don't believe it has been changed out and 40-50 years. :eek: