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    Who IS Huma Mahmood Abedin ?

    Who is married to a republican Congressman Anthony Wiener. Before you start making references to parties and religions look around.
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    Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

    I have found that a 17 year old son is the most effective tool, particularly when he wants to use the car. Seriously, for dry leaves any blower will work but as mentioned before if they are wet, the only thing I have found that works is a scoop and your hands. I wear a pair of cheapo Harbor...
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    Major problem? Looking at buying house

    Looks like some settling may be minor, could be major. Get an inspection.
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    Preventing mice from entering garage

    Perhaps a hungry kitty?
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    Drip Edge on new roof. Poor job?

    Wait till you try to clean out your gutters and slice open about three fingers.
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    Replacement heater wiring problem

    My limited knowledge would think there should be three leads (2 hots and a neutral) and a ground for 220V not just two and a ground.
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    Thermostat clicks but nothing happens

    The cap is located on the outside unit. Troubleshooting is problematic unless you have the correct meter however the caps are fairly inexpensive (20-40 bucks) and not too difficult to change. That said, if you don't know your way around electricity either find a competent friend or hire a pro...
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    Thermostat clicks but nothing happens

    I would say a starter cap, but I believe the furnace/air handler fan would run regardless of a cap failure. I just had one of these failures this year. Another question is the "light switch" to control power to the furnace/air handler. My three year old grandson turned that off once unknown...
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    refinishing pine floors

    I'm not sure I would putty anything but nail/knot holes. The old boards will flex up and down independently as it is walked on. I would expect putty to crack. I freely admit I am not a floor expert, but just saying that is something to consider.
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    Glass for master bath shower?

    I ripped my tub and put in a walk in shower. I put in custom cut rimless clear glass and love it. I treat the glass with RAIN-X and we use liquid soap which leaves no soap scum so it's not a clean up problem.
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    Odd Sized Bathroom Vanity

    I had a very oddly configured bathroom and my contractor built my vanity to fit the space. It worked out beautifully and was only slightly more expensive than a "stock" vanity. We were doing a granite top regardless so a custom size for the top was not an issue.
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    Need Some Ideas - Aggregate Patio Seams

    Will polymeric sand be able to handle gaps as wide as an inch?
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    Need Some Ideas - Aggregate Patio Seams

    I have a washed aggregate patio that was installed 35+ years ago. It is in remarkably good shape with very few cracks. The patio was poured in diamond shaped sections with what I believe was 1x4 lumber of some nature as the "seam". As you can imagine, this lumber has long since rotted away...
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    Some pics of what I do.

    I had a sewer line replaced a while back and the trench was 9 feet deep at one end and the plumber/excavator NEVER shored the walls. I asked if that wasn't a bad idea and he said it wasn't required. It scared me watching them......
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    Need advice on damage due to sump pump water

    I think a landscaper would be a better choice than a lawn care specialist. Sketch out what you want and get several bids.....and get it in writing.
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    Need some expert advices…

    Since they are only located in three cities the chances of anyone here having used them is remote. Talk to friends, relatives and perhaps the building maintenance guy at work to get a recommendation of a good electrician. Personally, I have never heard of these guys. They may be fine but I...
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    New Window question

    My replacement windows have no exposed screws. They were set below the surface and small plugs were inserted to cover the hole. I think I'd call the installers back for a chat.
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    Sinking Posts in ground...

    So what I am hearing is 12 feet with 4 feet or more in ground if tamping or if using concrete then 2.5 feet will likely be enough. I hear conflicting stories on how to set the posts.....some say a gravel bed to prevent standing water some say sonotubes. Advice there?
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    Sinking Posts in ground... The link above has a link to what I am trying to do.....
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    Sinking Posts in ground...

    While it's cold, I'm planning my summer project. I am going to build a shelter for my grill (and me) to protect from rain. Anyway, the plan calls for two 6x6 posts sunk in the ground 8 feet apart and a small cantilever roof. I'd like for the posts to have 7.5 feet of clearance. My question...