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    Transition Ideas

    Hi Everyone, Just looking for your ideas for transitions. I installed vinyl plank flooring over top of my existing hardwood. The tiler who installed the tile in the kitchen made it that so it slopes down nicely to meet the hardwood. Since the tile slopes down to transition to the hardwood, it...
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    Over the range microwave

    Hi Everyone, My over the range microwave is toast, and I need a new one. I'm considering the Whirlpool YWMH31017HS. Thoughts? My last one didn't vent very well at all, and my duct work is all good to the roof. Just seemed to have almost no suction for sucking up steam etc from the range below.
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    Whirpool GSW9545JQ0 Leaking

    Hi everyone - This washing machine is about 20 years old. I've not new stainless steel water lines hooked up, which are not leaking. I noticed it leaking from underneath, tilted it forward, and took the attached picture. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Clearing blockage in line with the vent.

    Hi Everyone, I suspect some lint from my washing machine has caused a blockage in the drain stack/vent. When we use the kitchen sink/dishwasher upstairs, or the washing machine downstairs (all of these things connect to the same drain stack), water starts backing up into the laundry tub. I've...
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    Working backwards with LVP

    Hi Everyone, I am laying LVP throughout the main floor of my house with no transitions. I planned out the installation in such a way that I only have one room where I will have to work backwards with the flooring. Any tips on easier ways to install the groove side to the tongue side? Thanks!
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    How to repair lower part of walls before putting in baseboards

    Hi Everyone - I just finished pulling off old baseboards. They were glued to the wall. It made a bit of a mess of the drywall pulling them off. I've attached a picture. Any tips on prepping the area before putting new baseboards on? Thanks!
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    Refinish Oak flooring, or replace?

    Hi Everyone, I have old oak flooring all through my house, and the finish is peeling/flaking off all over the place. We have a baby, 2 cats and a 75 lb Golden Retriever. I'm just wondering, is it better to refinish the wood floor, or tear it all out and replace with laminate or something? The...
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    Looking for advice on installing a wall with a railing

    Hello Everyone, Just looking for some advice on how to install a wall/railing alongside my basement stairs. I would like to frame up a wall on the open side of the stair case, and install a railing on that side as well. Thanks!
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    Best Quality Shingles

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of trying to find the best shingles, and I will be replacing the shingles on my house and garage in the Spring. What would everyone suggest as the best make and model of shingles to go with? I plan on owning this house for a very long time, so durability is...
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    Installing Window Wells

    Hi Everyone, My basement windows are installed pretty much right at grade level. There are no window wells. Could anyone give me some direction with steps to take to install window wells? Thanks!
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    Closing up old basement window

    Hi Everyone, The basement of the house was recently spray foam insulated. It appears the previous owners just had this old window foamed in, and called it a day. I would like to fill it in properly, stucco over top of it, and paint it that so it looks better. I was thinking I would buy some...
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    Hello from Canada

    Hi Everyone, I just bought my first house, and of course, the jobs are never ending. Just hoping I can get some good advice here. Thanks!