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    Drip off AC Interior Coil

    If you look up into the AC after removing the vent, the A shape of the coil is dripping about half way down in the middle. The drain line is not clogged. I have a large air compressor and blew it out, air comes ripping out the drain line outside, so that's clear. Dirty coil?
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    How much to wire a shed?

    I have a garden shed. I got a quote for $1200 to fully wire it including; - Trench 15' from primary box to tie into electric. - Install 4 indoor outlets, 1 outdoor outlet - Install 1 interior light, 1 exterior light. They plan to use plastic boxes. $1200 seem in a normal range for the scope...
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    Building a Shipping Container Storage Carport Barn

    Thought I would share a project I have ongoing on my land. I needed a place to store things completely dry and needed a place to park my heavy equipment, Jeep, boat to be safe from the sun/rain. I priced both pole barns and metal truss barns, with slab the cheapest option was going to be 30k. So...
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    Daily Newsletter Fail - Unsubscribe

    We launched a new custom plugin by request of a 'daily digest'. The first time the Unsubscribe link flat out failed, the fix today was not successful, a new fix was put into place so tomorrow morning when it runs, it will work just fine. If you don't like it, please unsubscribe and you will...
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    GarageRetreat Merge into HRT

    Our sister site was merged into today. Lots of overlap accounts but if you notice anything wrong please let me know.
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    Slab Thickness & Building Metal Shops

    I want to construct a metal workshop (roughly 2000sqft) ... Starting to reach out to contractors on the slab and getting different opinions. We have very little soil, maybe 5" before you hit solid rock. One contractor suggested a 4" slab. Seems a little thin? But I really have no clue, so...
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    Need Advice on Cooling Warehouse

    Hey friends! I'm taking over a 5000 square foot warehouse, 18' ceilings, on lease, and want to cool it. What is the best option? I'm just leasing so want to go with the cheapest option.
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    We will be moving servers in a next 48 hours, if you notice any downtime it will be because of that, after we are back the website should load much faster.
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    Converting to Tapatalk

    I wanted everyone to know that by the end of the week we will be converting to Tapatalk. If you see any issues with the current mobile app please hold tight while we convert. Thanks, and I know this will be a positive change for the community, and the issues with the mobile app.
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    Workaholic is now a Mod!

    We recently merged PaintingForum with HouseRepairTalk. Workaholic was a mod there, and I have asked him to join us and he has accepted! Please help me in welcoming Workaholic to the mod team!
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    PaintingForums Merges with HouseRepairTalk!

    I wanted to let everyone know we have merged PaintingForum with HouseRepairTalk. Please help me in welcoming the new members to our community!
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    TheSlingShot Channel

    I know this guy and he is a mad genius!
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    What is that smell coming from my heater?

    I just had to turn on the heater and the entire house has a sour smell. It happens every year to everyone I know, but I've always wondered, what is that smell?
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    Got new neighbors and they brought cats. Now my yard is filled with cat poop and I want them gone. Any suggestions? I read that I can sprinkle paprika all over the place but that does not seem to be working.
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    Lawnmower Recommendations

    Fall is here which in Texas means most everything is going to die so mowers are going on sale. My wife want an old fashioned push mower. Any suggestions?
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    Cleaning Steel Drums

    My landlord dropped off my steel drums so I can start burning off the brush in my yard. He mentioned as he unloaded them that they have an industrial lubricant in them but didn't know what it was. How would I clean these things out to make sure I don't inhale dangerous vapors.
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    In another thread Inspector said he mushroom hunts. I think we're so detached from the food chain that some people might see foraging as weird or outdated, but I'm wondering what all you guys forage for? In Texas it's all about the pecans. End of October till the end of November you'll...
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    GE -Dishwasher - Leaks During Dry Cycle

    I have an old GE dishwasher that leaks only during the dry cycle. Any clue why that would be?
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    Well it finally cooled off in Texas. How's the weather in your regions?
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