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  1. MTDIYer

    Fixing Squeaky Floor While Redoing the Flooring?

    We ripped out all the carpet in preparation for switching to vinyl plank flooring and rugs. I see the sub-floor is nailed sheets of OSB, 2nd story room. The floor has always been squeaky, very noticeable when training, lifting etc. Is the solution to screw down the sheets that are squeaking...
  2. MTDIYer

    Order of Steps? - Finishing a Bathroom

    This is not strictly a house, but you can live in it, and it is not a repair, but I hope I can get some help anyway. I had a contractor build a shop for me. I am going to use it to repair cars, my hobby. It has a bathroom, but it isn't finished. I'd like to do that myself and learn some more...
  3. MTDIYer

    Wattage for Heating Tape that runs Through An Under Concrete Gutter/Downspout Drain

    I live in Montana, so it can be very cold in winter. One of downspouts draining a gutter ends up pouring into a drain in a concrete apron by my back door. The drain goes under concrete for about 30 feet, then another 30 feet of gravel/road mix to appear and drain into a field. I live in the...
  4. MTDIYer

    Replace Interior Door - Hinges How to?

    I need to replace an interior door that was damaged. I bought a replacement at HD, and can see that, for me, the hardest part will be cutting the space/slot for the hinges on the new door. I've attached a picture. How do you do that?
  5. MTDIYer

    Problems with Florescent Shop/Garage Lights - Convert to LED

    I bought a box of LED florescent T8, the kind that directly replace regular T8 bulbs, no wire cutting required. I replaced a couple of dead and dying bulbs. I liked the brightness so I thought I would replace all the bulbs in my garage which is completely lit with florescent shop lights. The...
  6. MTDIYer

    Hum/Resonance After Repair - How to fix?

    Our AC failed in the summer. A local contractor diagnosed the problem as with the blower motor. He replaced it, and the system works. But, he and we noticed a hum, a low resonance sound, coming from the vents. He said he would fix it. But after repeated calls, which he fails to return, I think...
  7. MTDIYer

    Re-glue Finish Trim - Best Glue?

    A piece of finish trim came off a pedestal/step for a kitchen breakfast bar. Please see photo: The glue on trim and step looks brown and spongy. I am not sure what glue to use before I try to re-nail with brads.
  8. MTDIYer

    Re-glueing Loose Countertop Trim - Best Glue, and tips or tricks?

    Hello, As a person who has screwed up a few home repair projects, I like to check for advice before attempting projects that look simple. Some of the Formica trim on our counter tops has come off and some is loose. It is mostly the trim on the edge, like that shown in the picture. Please...
  9. MTDIYer

    Dishwasher Not Filling Correctly

    I have a Kenmore UltraWash QuietGuardDeluxe dishwasher 655.13112k701 that is old and has worked well. Recently, it has not been filling properly. Now before you say it is probably the float, what it does is fill correctly for the first wash. But the second and subsequent washes, it does not fill...
  10. MTDIYer

    Hang Heavy Bath Mats in the Bathroom

    Hello,:help: My spouse found these heavy bathmats that she likes. She wanted to hang them up. They do not have a hook woven into them. It is a small bathroom so we can't fit a towel rail in, and they are thick and don't fold well. She tried a 3M command strip clip, hanging them flat on the wall...