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    Peonies and brown leaves

    Now that the peonies are done blooming, we'll have the greenery for the rest of the summer. Seems like every year, though, the leaves start to get brown and smell...well...bad. My wife insists that's Just What Happens, but I'm not convinced. I know they eventually dry out, but this seems more...
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    Scotts Turf Builder 2

    If you're using granules, you should water lightly within a couple days to drive the fertilizer into the soil. (I watch the weather reports and fertilize the day before it's supposed to rain, if I can.) If you're using liquid, then you've already done it :)
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    Ceiling fan hummmmm....

    I've never used anything BUT wire nuts. I've heard that solder is actually bad over the very long term, but I don't know. I've always thought that the surfaces had to be hot enough to melt the solder before the join would be strong. Just melting the solder onto cold wire doesn't produce a...
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    Ceiling fan hummmmm....

    I've got two ceiling fans that are humming. One's installed using a deep box screwed to a 2 x 4 across the joists, the other using a hanging kit. The one on the 2x4 hums loudly, the other only a little. In other parts of the house, there are fans with similar installations that don't hum...
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    Drywall joint question

    Okay, so adding a bit of water to the general purpose compound isn't the same thing as the lightweight compound?
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    Drywall joint question

    Thanks, Tom, that's exactly the sort of input I was looking for. I've always been one for using the general purpose stuff. BTW, your porch looks AWESOME. We're thinking about doing something similar to our place.
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    Drywall joint question

    1. When I go to the local homecenter to buy joint compound, they've got "general purpose", "lightweight", lightweight in a box, and lightweight in powder form (I think). I've visited USG's website, but can't wade through all the marketing to get the straight poop. What're the differences? 2...