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    Help with this...

    Your video isn't showing up but I went directly too it instead. That is EXACTLY what the above referenced document points out. red on one side and blue on the other. Make sure you ground the ballast. (Well, it doesn't say put the wire in the hole, but , not to be a smarty pants, isn't...
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    Help with this...

    or on the spec sheet right on the link you gave
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    Right way to caulk kitchen counter?

    If you are painting it you do not want to use a kitchen/bath silicon type I or II caulk. You can use a paintable, siliconized acrylic caulk. I often use Dap AlexPlus when doing what you describe. For that edge and wall color I would use the clear.
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    Mobile home floor sag beam size?

    and keep in mind that this is for girders (beams). Floor joists can span much more than this. Current building code prescriptively calls out max span for 2x8 joists: Doug fir/larch #1 = 12'- 4" Hem Fir #1 = 11'-10" a 14' span *should* be a 2x10. Also, I believe a mobile...
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    ventless gas insert

    Ventless heaters are tough for people who are sensitive to the exhaust. They make me nauseous in just a couple of minutes inside of an enclosed building.
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    how to find who did my roof

    Any warranty usually only goes to the original purchaser unless expressed otherwise by contract or law. Absent the above, you probably are out of luck unless the roofing company voluntarily takes care of any problem. Even a "lifetime" roofing product that some companies sell require...
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    Water service entry pipe through basement wall

    Current codes don't apply to things done prior. I like urethane caulking. I have had excellent results with Vulkem urethane sealants. Vulkem and Chem-Calk are often used in storefronts and are a premium commercial grade product.
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    drywall crack

    Minor cracks in drywall in a new house are not uncommon. Even a well dried out new house will take several heating seasons to fully "adjust". The more humid the environment the longer it will take...
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    House Flipping Tips

    Very good advice here. Be warned. House flipping is full of perils. Be cautious about what you are getting in to. Also, don't fall prey to what your info graphic and other sources say about profit. Most of these source call any money left over after hard costs "profit". If you are...
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    Idea To Divert Water Away From Foundation

    A French drain similar to what you are describing could be a good idea, but first you need to assess the grade around the house. First off, there should be a minimum of 6 inches between the soil and the lowest part of the wooden wall - usually the siding. From that point, you need to have a...
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    Bird in the roof

    Plastic Wood or even autobody filler might be a better way to go. Might make an undetectable repair.
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    How to stop flooding in front yard?

    Hard to tell without seeing in person, but it looks like your yard is higher than the sidewalk but lower than your walk at the house. Perhaps you can re-grade your yard so it slopes to the sidewalk with no low spots between the two areas. Might want to consider getting rid of that large tree...
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    Nail baseboards to studs or not necessary?

    With tall trims I do what I call stitch nailing - one high, one low. The high one needs to be in a stud. Shorter trims can nail right into the sole plate.
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    question for my son-in-law

    Lowes business accounts already deliver anything purchased on that account for $20. That is always what I don't like about the big box stores- how much you have to handle the product you need. This way, the only time you touch it is after it is delivered to the destination.
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    Previous owner pumping INTO old well?

    Hi- Most states want unused wells to be decommissioned. The method may vary from state to state. Wisconsin has a webpage about this:
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    New guy from WA

    Thanks guys. I will keep my eyes peeled for the Dog...:)
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    I want this car

    It has also been my experience that you can be money ahead if you buy instead of build. Almost always more money to rebuild them than what they are worth in a sale. A 70% - 90% car seems to be the best bang for the buck and fix to your liking. I have a long term project similar to Chris's...
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    slab damage from wedge bolt

    This looks to be western red cedar siding. Current code calls for a minimum of 6" clearance from finished grade to any wood products on structure. If the damage from the expansion anchor is only in one area and this is nothing but a storage shed, I wouldn't be too concerned. I usually...
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    New guy from WA

    Hello- I ran across your forum while searching for some info about an odd/ unusual looking fiber cement siding product and thought I would join up. I have been a siding installer since mid 80's and have built a dozen spec homes over the years as well as remodel many more existing homes...