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  1. afjes_2016

    Radiator - which way to turn to disconnect radiator

    I need to disconnect this radiator so I can get to the plumbing behind the sheet rock. I believe I have to hold "B" still with a wrench and also turn "A" with a wrench at the same time. Which way do I turn "A" with the pipe wrench - in direction of "22" or "44"? I tried both ways but it won't...
  2. afjes_2016

    What do they call this part for the shower

    Now it is time for me to do my next plumbing job. It is the tub water system. The cold water squeels like hell and the knob here and there free turns when you shut it off or on and I have to tighten everything down each time. Long story of a person that owned this house (fixer upper) before me...
  3. afjes_2016

    Roof edge ice melters

    I just had my entire roof replaced. I am having new fascia and soffit installed along with new gutters all around the house. I live in northeast PA so the winter can be horrible up here. I want to protect my new investment so I am having ice melting/heat lines installed around the entire edge...
  4. afjes_2016

    Help please with hooking up ice maker with fridge

    Fridge Make: Frigidaire Model: FRS6LF7JW3 Parts explosion this link ---> Frigidaire Refrigerator FRS6LF7JW3 | PartSelect I have very little knowledge of plumbing. All I do know how to do is anything that has to do with PEX - although I don't always know what parts (Sharkbite fittings) that I...
  5. afjes_2016

    Forum very sluggish today - Feb 25

    The forum response is so slow today. I try to read a thread or post something it takes forever. Not my internet speed. Anyone else have this?
  6. afjes_2016

    Happy New Year-Welcome Year 2021

    . To everyone on this forum - members and non-members I want to wish a very Happy New Year 2021 May we see brighter days ahead of this pandemic. :clap .
  7. afjes_2016

    RECALL-Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans-Sold at Home Depot

    Just figured I would post this for informational purposes. Blades detached while in use, injuring people and property FOX News article here Article issued on Dec 28 2020
  8. afjes_2016

    McCulloch Chain Saw-Need user manual please

    McCulloch Model: CS 38 EM I attached the name plate image of the chain saw my friend just gave me for me doing electrical work for him in trade. I have been trying to find the proper user manual for it but I can't seem to narrow down the correct one. I find variations of the model but not the...
  9. afjes_2016

    Screen Frame-Build your own (kit)

    I have an old storm door that I will be replacing in maybe 18 months and don't want to spend a lot of money on finding a screen frame that will fit it in the meantime. This is going to be a "good enough for now" kind of thing. I found this screen frame replacement kit on Amazon...
  10. afjes_2016

    Can't log in Firefox v74.0 (64-bit)

    i can't log in on my laptop 😣 what happened? was barely able to log in on my phone. i don't even know what forum i am in and posting in as i could not get in website help forum. please one of the admins please post a reply. i tried clearing cookies but that did not help. thanks!!
  11. afjes_2016

    Need help with parts for gas grass trimmer

    Troy Bilt Gas Grass Trimmer Model No. 41CDZ32C766 TB32 EC This grass trimmer is about 5 years old. I loaned it to someone and it was returned in need of repair. It seems the person tried starting it and was pulling on the handle to crank the engine so much that it gave way. Meaning when I pull...
  12. afjes_2016

    Still ok to use a breaker panel as a junction box?

    Ok guys. Asking for a bit of assistance here. Retired and don't have a recent copy of the NEC (not paying for it since I don't need it). Question is - by code is it still ok to use a breaker panel as a junction box? Trying to help my boss with his FedPacific box swap out. I want to help him by...
  13. afjes_2016

    Kitchen sink water supply and faucet rebuild

    I am having problems finding the parts I need online at because I am not quite sure of the part names that I need along with the sizes etc. What I need to do is replace my entire setup. My present kitchen sink faucet went south. This is a four hole sink setup. I guess what...