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    Getting Started: Talk to General Contractors or Specific Trades?

    We are contemplating a major remodel of our mostly original 1200-SF, mid-50s, So Cal tract house. I know this is a DIY forum, but I'm in my 60s with no DIY experience in some areas so some of the work will definitely be given over to professionals; "we" (my wife) are even open to the idea of...
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    Skimcoat vs New Drywall vs 1/4" Drywall over existing walls

    Looking at a major/total remodel of our 1200-SF mid-50s L.A. area home. Way past a weekend DIY project; we will have to have most of the work done professionally. We have buttonboard interior walls and stucco exterior. Walls are beat up, patched, etc. enough that I would like the walls to...
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    Kenmore Dryer 110 97282100 cuts off mid-cycle

    This is a follow-up to my earlier post where a jar lid fell down into the lint trap housing and was hitting the blower motor blades. I removed the lid and cleaned out all the lint I could from everywhere and the next load I did, the dryer (on Auto Dry) stopped before the cycle was finished...
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    Kenmore Dryer 110 97282100 sounds like a Model T starting up

    This happened suddenly, put a load in and started it up and it sounds like a Model T. It doesn't shake or vibrate excessively, just a loud rattling noise. My son cleaned the lint trap before starting and the top of the dryer gets a lot of junk stacked on it so it is not impossible that...
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    What's the Truth about Lumens vs Watt Equivalency in LED Downlights?

    Google tells me a 100W incandescent bulb puts out about 1600 Lumens, but LED downlights that say they are "100W-equivalent" typically say they are 850-1100 Lumens. If I wanted to switch from 200W (3200 assumed Lumens) incandescent lighting to LED downlights, do I buy two "100W-equivalent"...
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    Changing Switched Outlet to Constant Power

    I have an original switched outlet in my 1950s house. No ground, just wired with black and white wires in a sort of paper sheath. In the switch box the neutral into the box providing the power and the neutral from the box going to the outlet are connected with a wire nut and the hot wires are...
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    Kohler Shower Diverter Valve-replace cartrdge or whole valve assembly?

    This has been in the house at least 25 years. When you turn the handle, it "slips," meaning the handle will turn but not necessarily turn the water on or off. The feeling is like when you have a geared mechanism with worn gears that don't always engage. You have to push the handle in really...
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    Is my house's wiring normal?

    I have a typical mid-50s CA tract house, 1162-SqFT, 3-bed/2-bath. Been here 25 years and I just mapped the electric circuits and some of it seemed odd to me. The breaker box has four 15a breakers and four 20a breakers; I hope and assume that the circuits all have the appropriate wiring for...
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    Thanks for letting me in.

    I will have a lot of questions and few answers, and I appreciate being able to get guidance and advice from those who know.