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  1. mabloodhound

    Single-stud dilemma

    That's the finished floor he showing. I don't know any builder who installs finished flooring before the partition walls are built.
  2. mabloodhound

    Single-stud dilemma

    What do you mean "dug the floor"? It looks like the floor was laid down AFTER the wall was built, which is the normal way of doing it.
  3. mabloodhound

    Garage door hinge and how to separate.

    DoNot remove the rivets. See Eddie's post above.
  4. mabloodhound

    Geometry sucks!

    In your example, only the top railing needs to have the miter angle cut. Take two pieces of the material you will use for the top rail, cut slightly longer than needed. Then lay one on top of the other in the position they are going to be and mark both sides of the top board onto the bottom...
  5. mabloodhound

    4x4 post bowing into gate

    Like Eddie said on the previous page, this is just a filler and does not need to be in the ground. Pull it out and just lag it or a new filler piece to the wall to fill the gap.
  6. mabloodhound

    My deck has moved!

    Free floating decks are the preferred method as opposed to using a ledger board. What Bud said makes sense.
  7. mabloodhound

    Help me fix my stairs!

    I've done many stairs over the years. Your's were designed for carpet to be installed over them. It's not a simple matter of putting new treads on top as it would change the rise of the 1st and last tread which is unacceptable. Further, that existing nose (hangover) would have to be removed...
  8. mabloodhound

    Sizing windows

    Those type screens usually have a flat spring on one of the sides that you insert into the slot and compress so as to get the other side into it's slot. This is not just a plain screen. Find the window maker and order e correct screens from them. The mfg. label may be on the upper window jamb...
  9. mabloodhound

    Switching from septic system to sewer system

    Sewer is the way to go. We are currently in the process of getting a new septic & leach field at a cost of $28,000, good for maybe 20 years. We've lived here 23 years and have our current tank pumped every year for $200. That is no longer acceptable if you sell the home which we are doing.
  10. mabloodhound

    There's lawn in my thistle!! Help

    I've had Zoysia in my back yard for 15 years and it does spread and blocks weeds. It is still brown this spring (as always) and I'm in SE Mass. but it will turn green soon.
  11. mabloodhound

    Can I not do a pocket joint with this Kreg?

    The mirror frame should have had rabbits cut into the back to set the mirror into. Could still be done with a router and then the assembly would act as one unit.
  12. mabloodhound

    Can I not do a pocket joint with this Kreg?

    Eddie is correct. Drill the piece "with" the grain so the screws will attach to the other piece "across" the grain. I buy my screws from McFeely and yes, they must be flat bottom, otherwise a tapered screw might split the wood.
  13. mabloodhound

    Home-purchase detective work...

    Metal roof will last a lifetime. Remote location from main road is also a plus. Two ponds also is a plus.
  14. mabloodhound

    Home-purchase detective work...

    The dark areas on the siding are not damage. It is staining from water and won't affect the integrity of the house. The 81 acres would really make me consider this house.
  15. mabloodhound

    Air compressors and attachments

    It was not just the fake butter, but the process which causes "popcorn lung" disease. Also same condition occurs from 'vaping' fake cigarettes.
  16. mabloodhound

    What did you do today?

    It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.
  17. mabloodhound

    What did you do today?

    The VP does NOT live in the White House. VP lives at Blair House which is across Pennsylvania Av. The VP does NOT live in the White House. VP lives at Blair House which is across Pennsylvania Av.
  18. mabloodhound

    Ceiling fan height

    ceiling fan is a must in our bedroom
  19. mabloodhound

    How can remove rust from this meat grinder in a food-safe way?

    Do NOT sandblast it....that would leave a pourous finish. The rust removed by the vinegar is all that was needed. A light coat of mineral oil and all is OK. Go ahead and use it.
  20. mabloodhound

    Raising the pitch on half a roof?

    P&B works on the principal of opposing forces, especially the roof rafters, so an engineer is required.