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    flickering and brown outs

    Hi, start by calling the POCO and have check their connections, does it happen at any particular time or schedule?
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    Kitchen range weak electric burners...

    Hi, what is this 35 50 amp range carrier? should be 2 50 Amp fuses, should be able to get them at a big box store, they are nothing special.
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    Turning a commerical light into a beautiful thing

    There no way a flood bulb will work in that fixture.
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    Light switch problem

    Hi, sure you can, post a pic of the switch or take it to a big box store and match it.
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    Turning a commerical light into a beautiful thing

    Hi, once you free it up look inside, it looks like it may mount onto a box similar to this. That is a really cool fixture and worth a lot of money
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    Light switch problem

    Hi, are you comfortable around electricity? You could turn the circuit breaker off for that circuit, pull the suspected switch out of the box and remove the wires from the switch and wire nut them together and see if the light works.
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    Can't remove handle from the fridge side of a side-by-side

    Hi, try using some inward force when pushing up.
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    Light switch problem

    Hi, is the fixture still working, he probably pulled the terminal in the bottom of the socket down a bit to make a better connection with the bulb base. Replaced the innards, that needs a explanation, he must have replaced the whole switch, what is this empty feeling? is it with receptacles or...
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    Switch wiring question

    Hi, how many fixtures are you controlling, is the timer for one and the single pole switch for another?
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    Outlet issues....

    Hi, did this circuit ever work? why are you breaking holes in the wall? Start at the last working outlet and go from there.
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    Lights not working

    Hi, so you only have 4 devices that are not working? sounds more like an open splice, bad connection.
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    HVAC evaporator service problem?

    Hi, if the cabinet is sealed good and you have a descent filter, the coils are probably fine, more concern should be given to the condenser section. geo🇺🇸
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    Furnace flames out with the burner cover on.

    Hi, that appears to be a condensing furnace, how long has this been going on? 1 PVC is combustion air and one is exhaust, is the intake blocked or restricted ? Which pipe had the water in it, any water should be draining back . ALL LIVES MATTER! Geo 🇺🇸
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    HVAC service problem?

    Hi, you haven’t really said what the problem is, Heating ,Cooling , nothing running. Geo🇺🇸
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    Another cold-weather furnace problem

    Hi, a good model # and mfg. would be helpful, will it fire up if you jump the W and R on the control board? check all of the ground connection, do you get a solid 24 VAC across the gas valve when there is a call for heat? Post some pics of what you have there. Geo🇺🇸
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    Hvac heater not working

    Hi, not a lot to go on here, what type of stat do you have, what’s going on with the furnace, is it firing,? Mdl# and mfg of the furnace would be helpful.
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    Kenmore Dryer 110 97282100 cuts off mid-cycle

    Hi, I didn’t see any mfg. or mdl# for this dryer.
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    Motor contactor on well pump

    Is that pump motor thermally protected internally? ALL LIVES MATTER! Geo 🇺🇸
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    Hi, 24 VAC is high for a chime , normally around 16 VAC, is the basement ceiling exposed, if so try to locate there or up in the attic above the wall where the chime is located.
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    Motor contactor on well pump

    Hi, post some pics of the new starter and pressure switch set up, where does that BX go, is that the supply for the pump stater? ALL LIVES MATTER! Geo 🇺🇸