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    How to fix this soffit?

    I'm wondering how to best cut out the damaged area and best way to patch in new material. It's one broad piece of wood, not 3 planks. I don't know how thick it is yet.
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    House trim repair

    Recommendations on how to make this house trim repair. The white trim under the metal roof flashing "seems" like it might be difficult to remove because most of the board is covered by the flashing. The narrower brown trim is in good shape except for about a foot although the wood below it looks...
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    Replacing old Toto flapper

    Can I replace this flapper with something off the shelf or does it need to be the same kind as pictured? This is for a friend so I only have this one pic. It looks like there might be two little pegs sticking out from the filler tube where a generic flapper would fit but I'm not sure.
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    Window well cover

    The snow broke my old well cover so I found the right size at Menards except for the part that fits under the vinyl siding. There are about 6" on the right side of the well cover that is hitting the siding, the part of the cover that is supposed to slide under the siding. If I cut out that...
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    Where to stick this transformer???

    This transformer is to be connected to some LED strip lights which will be controlled by a Lutron digital timer in a one gang (old construction) box in the wall and I'd like to install it just below the timer. I was at HD and their single gang OC electrical boxes aren't deep enough to hold the...
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    Roll Insulation

    Which is better for a basement in Chicago: Faced roll insulation or unfaced with a plastic vapor barrier? This is for a concrete foundation and will require 400 sq ft.
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    Carpeting stairs

    I'm replacing this carpet leading to my basement and my question is about cutting the new carpeting to avoid extra seams, waste etc. All the steps below the ones pictured are standard riser height and 36" wide. The angled steps are as long as 50" at the widest part. I plan to buy the new carpet...
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    Acquiring and wiring a light sensor switch

    I've decided to add an LED strip light to my staircase on top of the wall stringer. I'd like it to light up with a light sensor switch. I'm going to tap into a nearby light that happens to be in the ceiling below the stairs. This light has a neutral and hot wire. I want the led's to operate...
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    Wooden crate cat tree clamping ideas

    I'm building a cat tree made of small, pre built wooden crates and I'd like to be able to rearrange them on occasion which is why I don't want to permanently fasten them with screws. I thought of traditional wood clamps but they're too bulky, you guys have any suggestions on how to clamp them...
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    What to charge for this work?

    I was asked to paint five light posts which will also need to be sanded. Any idea of what to charge per post? They're aluminum and about 8 ft tall. When I get home later I'll try to upload a pic.
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    Heat reflecting window tint

    I have heat control window tint on my west facing windows that is also mirrored. It does a solid job of reducing the heat gain to the upstairs bedrooms but i wonder if I could improve it by adding another layer on top of the original layer?
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    Ideas for window rubber gasket

    My casement Windows have been leaking so I got a roll of foam filled rubber gasket but I can't close them due to the extra thickness. My old rubber seal had foam but it wasn't all foam thru the center. Any ideas on how I could reduce the thickness?
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    General Aire humidifier drip tray and solenoid valve

    Hello again everyone. Decided to be prepared for our next winter by dealing with a small issue with my drip tray for my general aire humidifier 1040. The problem is the drip tray is hanging on by a thread. You can't see in the pics but there are two screws that attach it to the main unit but the...
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    Mouse in furnace

    A friend of mine has a dead mouse in her furnace and I'm assuming it's from the intake/exhaust vent cover. She recently had the exhaust part covered in wire mesh but what about the intake part, could a mouse get in that way? I can't see what the intake side looks like because it faces the...
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    Possible leaky wax ring

    A friend of mine has a couple water stains on her ceiling below her upstairs toilet. I don't see any leaks from the water line or the tank so I thought it could be from the wax ring. She has lived there for five years and never did anyting with the toilet so the wax ring could be as much as 16...
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    Replace or repair Moen cartridge?

    I have a Moen shower fixture and the handle is starting to stick when I turn on the water. I'm wondering if the repair kits are as good as replacing the whole cartridge?
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    How to cover this metal stair flange?

    I'd like to cover it with two half circles of stained wood but I don't even know where to start lol
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    How to cover openings on sump pump lid?

    I have a sump pump strictly for my washing machine and the cover has one oblong hole for the two pipes. The cover itself is screwed to the floor but does anyone have any ideas to completely seal around the pipes and the large gap between the pipes. The cover looks like this...
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    Opinions on keyless entry doors

    Not having to carry around a set of keys is very appealing but what if the battery dies or the electronics fail? A keyless mechanical entry deadbolt would be ideal.
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    Submersible pump question

    I have a sump well in my basement for a utility sink and washing machine and have decided to replace the sink and pump. Do I need a sewage pump or just a standard sump pump?