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    480V Plugged Lockouts

    Does anyone know where you can get the above? I want to be able to plug 2 480 cords together then put a lockable cover over them so someone on the job can not disconnect them.
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    3 way switch

    So in my hall I have a light that is wired thru a 3 way switch. Yesterday when I turned on 1 of the switches the light didn't turn on. I just thought it was the bulb. So I replaced the bulb and nothing. So I pulled one of the switches and i'm only getting 80 volts. I pulled the other switch...
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    Wiring outlet from a switch

    Hello, I want to add an electrical outlet in the bathroom (currently not one in there) the only way I can gain access to wiring is from the light. I can drop a wire from the light inside the wall to the electrical box. I realize when the light is off so will be the outlet. How can I accomplish...