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    Start up wattage

    How would I determine the startup wattage for the blower on a forced-air furnace?
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    Pella sliding door grill

    I have a Pella sliding patio door I installed about 30 years ago. The bottom pair of the little spring loaded buttons that retain the grills have pretty much rusted away from Winter condensation. I can't locate a replacement source. Pella CS has been useless. Does anyone know what these buttons...
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    Florescent light delay

    In the unfinished shop side of my basement, I have several cheap hanging florescent shop lights. In the winter, they go on immediately. As soon as the weather warms up, about half take several minutes to light up. They light right up if I run my hand along the tubes. Up until last year, they all...
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    Attic fan switch

    The variable speed two wire switch for the gable mount attic fan is acting up again. Did the same years ago and I got a replacement from Sears Parts. The current Sears replacement (appears to be from KB Electronics) looks really cheap in all ways but price. KB has some better ones but I need to...
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    Moss on asphalt shingle roof

    Because of heavy shade there is moss on an 8 year old asphalt shingle roof. Removing the trees is not an option at this time, nor is getting on the roof to remove the moss manually. I have sprayed with a strong bleach solution and that worked to a degree but my concern is damaging the shingles...
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    Rabbit den in front lawn

    Yesterday AM I was cutting the lawn and when I got to within about 4 feet from what I now know is a rabbit den, 4 baby bunnies came flying out and ran for cover. I had seen the hole before and had cut right over it, but since there are many like it from chipmunks, I thought nothing of it. It is...
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    Electric oven slow to heat up

    The oven part of a GE Profile freestanding electric range takes almost an hour to come up to a 350 or 400 degree temperature. The temp indicator on the console shows that the set temperature has been achieved in about 15 minutes but the obvious lack of heat when opening the door and three...