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    Do I need AC charge?

    What else could be wrong? 10-12° difference between vents and return. This season and last. Never tested previously. Last season large copper pipe at condenser was 64°, this season it's 76°. Both tested several times on different days. Never tested previously. yes unit was on cool and fans...
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    painting exterior

    Sherwin-Williams recommends Loxon X as best exterior cinder block paint. Im covering a 30 yo paint job that has held up well. What is best long lasting paintable caulking tube sealant for block, wood, metal, plastic? Do I need to scrap all these mortar seams? Most mortar seams are cracked like...
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    flickering and brown outs

    This is in my home and none of my neighbors have this issue. Two of us get power from the same wire coming from one electrical pole. He says he don't have this issue either, but I must consider that maybe he just don't notice. Occasionally (like once or a few times a day) lights flicker and/or...
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    best ext cinder block repaint paint?

    Im about to paint exterior my cinder block home. Ive painted many interior rooms for the years, but never ext. i have 2700 PSI pressure washer and will use that first. After I will spray walls with vinegar and dish soap. Last it was painted was 1993 and it still looks fine, except its faded. I...
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    paint ext house questions

    I'm about to paint my home. I've painted interior a few dozen times, but never ext. house ext was last painted prior to 1993 and still looks fine, although faded. I dont remember what prep work was done or what type of paint used. Just that it lasted. I want this next job to last as long if...
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    HVAC evaporator service problem?

    This HVAC central unit was installed in 1991. No maintenance service ppl have ever opened the evap door or foamed out the condenser. I just opened the evap door and I see that there is NO access to below the coils. Not even from the air handler/furnace. So, I cant even see them. Is it useful...
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    HVAC service problem?

    HVAC installed (replaced) in 2001. (Oil heater and conventional AC). Everything except for duct work and flue/chimney replaced. Since then Ive had a lot of questionable service and tune up service calls and now I'm doing what I can myself. I'm also in a very bad financial situation. So, any...
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    shower leak on floor

    Any ideas what i can do to fix this without tearing out the shower? shower drain never backs up, but pipe below it does leak below shower floor and only when taking shower. See pics. The drain must be leaking. It gets wet inside that wall and with long showers, it leaks out onto the finished...
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    how fix broken faucet?

    screw broke off. dont want to remove wall.
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    adding outdoor washer and dryer

    I've read over the codes But still have some questions. I plan on adding one 20A 115vac breaker and one 30A 230vac breaker. Then running the wires in two conduits thru the block wall from inside garage to the...
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    why open circuit?

    House built 1954 w/gr ma apartment w/its own breaker box. All original wiring. Fuse boxes replaced with breaker boxes by licensed electrician in 2012. Three days ago while she used hair dryer in apt bathroom, it stopped. No power at GFCI socket. Breaker did not pop. Also not everything on that...
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    best way to support roof planking overhanging at gable

    My 1952 block house roof does not have outriggers, as shown in 1st pic. So nothing will hold my planking down during a hurricane. This is a weak point. Im adding H10S hurricane straps at the eaves, a mechanically seamed HVHZ metal panel roof. Ive added rafter and collar ties and gable supports...
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    How do I remove countertop caulking?

    1st two pics caulking still entirely in place, Second 2 pics most has been scrapped away, but it still needs more cleaning. Gasoline dont work. I dont know what type of caulking was used. Im afraid that all my scraping has marred up the counter and Id rather not scrap anymore. Any ideas...
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    Im looking for the strongest concrete screws

    for outdoor humid, hot central florida. Strong structural concrete screws. Im attaching simposon H10S and LGT2 straps to my rafters and cinder block walls. Im using simpson screws to attach to the rafters, however simpson makes no outdoor concrete screws and has no suggestions. So, Im looking...
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    rafter ties

    Im planning on installing rafter ties in my 1952 cinder block home. It has no rafter ties at all. Every time Im in the attic and look around, I wonder what holds up my roof. The ceiling joists run parallel to the roof ridge. Im also going to install collar ties. Currently there are only two. The...
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    rafter cable ties

    I cant understand this math. ive been over and over it. Each time I get a little further, then I loose it again. ref: How to calculate rafter thrust? -Help! at Can someone help me figure cable load? 4/12 24" rafter spacing. No rafter ties...
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    metal rafters

    I have four sagging rafters in garage in my 1952 home. They are 2x6 and all side by side. All four have knots in about the same location, resulting in sagging. I got 4 2x6s to sister these, but that's a lot of weight to add side by side. So, Im thinking of using angle iron, as least for two of...
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    looking for rafter straps

    I need to secure these rafters to the cinderblock top plate. They are just toe nailed in now. I want something stronger that i can screw in w/o removing the planking. Any ideas? I might install rafter ties, but Im looking for alternatives. pics...
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    central home oil heater, pump cavitating, what to do?

    I had to move the tank 3 feet further down towards ground. So, now the heater pump needs to pull fuel up 3 more feet. There was already a long distance from tank to pump. About 40 feet. The tank was at the same height as the pump. fuel got pulled up about 5 feet, over about 30, then down about 5...