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    Best Way to Patch Ceiling Where Wall Was

    I knocked down a wall for a kitchen remodel. I've never patched ceiling gaps so any recommendations from some experienced drywallers would be appreciated! I did drop in a bunch of braces to have something to screw into.
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    Kitchen Lights Changed to All LED's Can I Add a Few Outlets?

    I'm remodeling my kitchen and pulled all the old can lights and installed all Slim LED's that use 12 watts each for a total of 120 watts when all of them are on (10 lights). Seeing as the old lights were pulling 65watts each seems to me that this would leave a good surplus of watts available to...
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    Best Way to Bring Electrical Into Cabinet

    I’m installing some cabinets that are set away from the wall about 6” to allow for a little extra counter depth. I need to bring electrical from an existing box behind the cabinet out to the back wall of the cabinet to power the disposal and hot water tap. My plan was to run a cover plate on the...
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    Pex in Exterior Wall

    I'm planning a kitchen remodel and moving a sink and some cabinets to an exterior facing wall. I know that installing supply lines in an exterior wall comes with its own issues so I'm wondering what's best practice here? Do most guys stop short of the wall and have the supplies come up through...
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    Hot Tub Plan

    I'm looking at running a circuit for a hot tub that requires 50amps. My main panel is pretty full but there is a 40amp dedicated circuit that was installed for an electric stove that isn't utilized anymore because it's been switched out to a gas stove. Here's my plan I'd like some feedback. Run...
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    Any Trex Experts? Fighting Trex Hidden Fasteners

    It's likely i'm being anal retentive about this but I'm using the trex hidden fastener system and it seems like the boards aren't quite closing tight to each side of the fastener. The trex boards seem to have a bow in them preventing them from snugging up to the fasteners. Granted the gap should...
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    Help Leveling Two Ledgers In Two Location

    I'm getting to the point where I'm finishing up the framing but now i'm fighting certain sections of the deck to get it level. Seems like once I got all the joists hung I'm finding a number of joists are just out of level... the bubble is still between the lines but not perfectly in the middle...
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    Extend Ledger Beyond House? Double Up Ledger?

    I'm starting my deck build running 12" on center 2x8 and 4x8 beams with footers every 5' feet. I'm trying to figure out if i can use the design pictured in my rendering to extend the deck beyond the house by about 20". Can I double up the ledger board on the house to give it more weight bearing...
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    Upgrading Service 200 amp to 320 AMP Question

    I'm looking to add a hot tub and a few other electrical items to my home over the next year. I currently have a 200 amp panel that's full and a sub-panel for some garage circuits. To make room for the new hot tub and AC units I'm looking to upgrade to 320 amp service. I talked to the power...
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    Need Help With Footing Size - Plan Pics Included

    I'm trying to learn all the calculations that go into designing a deck. I have a design for a deck at my house and I'm trying to figure out the footing size i need. I've attached some pics of my roughed out design any help would be great! I'm in an area of the northwest that only requires 12"...
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    Deck Footing Options on Slight Slope

    I'm doing design for a deck. The deck will sit over a slope that slopes down toward the house. The deck is attached to the house with a ledger board but then runs out 20' and meets the top of the slope. I'm wondering what the deck should sit on where it meets the slope. Should i dig down and...
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    How's It Look? 100 amp sub wire up.

    So here's my setup for my 100amp sub panel. Just checking with you all on if this looks correct. I installed the ground bus bar in the sub and made sure the neutral is not bonded to the ground anywhere in the sub only in the main. I still need to run my circuits in the next few days to get this...
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    100 Amp Sub-Panel Question on Wire Guage

    I've been working on adding a sub panel to my shop. I have a two pole 100amp sub panel. I'm looking for someone to explain a bit of how load is distributed in the sub panel the two poles. I know that for 100 amps i need at least #3 awg THHN copper to handle the load but my question is about...
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    Dishwasher Air Gap Needed with New Sink?

    I'm replacing a sink and currently there are two 1.5" ABS drain lines under there (pic attached). The current dishwasher waste line goes to an airgap and then down drain line #1 (black trap in pic) while the sink goes down drain line #2 (white ABS trap in pic). The new sink has a single drain...
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    Exterior Tankless Water Heater Placement and Plumbing Questions

    Hello All, I'm considering transitioning our house to an exterior tankless water heater. My question is about running the cold / hot supply lines. To get from where the existing water heater is now to where i'd put the tankless is about a 25 foot run across the ceiling of my garage and then...
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    Running pex under floor?

    I'm going to be remodeling a kitchen in a few months. I need to relocate some feed lines and drain lines from the middle of the kitchen to a wall about 8 feet away. I DON'T want to have to rip up the nice wood floor to run the lines. I was thinking about running pex from the current lines under...
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    Routing 12/2 sideways through header?

    I installed a sliding glass door and need to re-route a circuit. The problem is the header above the door is a thick solid header that runs the width of the wall. If i drilled through the header the wire would come out in an almost inaccessible area of the attic. I was thinking of using my...
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    Need Help with a 1" Fittings Puzzle

    So I'm trying to figure a clean way to route 1" conduit around a small ledge and into a junction box. It seems like I can't find the right fitting to solve this puzzle without having a bulky corner of fittings. Would it be possible to use 1" flex and stay within code? The run about 3 feet max...
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    Multiple Circuits Through Conduit?

    Hello All, I'm wiring up my garage for a hobby woodshop but i have a few questions that I'm hoping you all can help answer. 1. I'm planning 4 20amp circuits leaving the sub panel. Before the circuits split at a junction box is it ok to run all 4 12/2 cables in the same 3/4 conduit...