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  1. neezil

    shower head

    can anyone pkease tell me how tonremove and clean this clogged shower head please
  2. neezil

    help toilet is humming!

    hello! so, lately when someone flushes the upstairs toilet. After i flushes it makes this humming sound that could be heard throught out the condo. can anyone give me an idea of what it could be and what do i need to do to stop it. thank you Nae
  3. neezil

    hey i need some help! :(

    hello! i just recently moved into my first condo. I have a couple light bulbs out I need to replace. when I went to replace it, the stupid glass cover was stuck and the whole light fixture came out of the ceiling thingy. 2 questions 1.) how do i fix that? 2.) as i went to the other light...