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  1. isaacb

    Foundation help!

    well, not the news i wanted to hear, but it'll be more expensive to buy a new house. and i have my family to think about, so i would rather be safe than sorry. thanks alot, I will update you on progress, if that is ok. I have quite a few projects to do as well, so I am sure I will have a...
  2. isaacb

    Foundation help!

    I have dug, nothing but sand. the whole wall is resting on that concrete 3-5 inches thick. also, the rock wall that begins 1 foot off the floor has no mortar, just loose stone. behind it the dirt rises to 2 feet below the floor. I hope you can get the idea from these pics, my phones cam is not...
  3. isaacb

    Foundation help!

    1-yes, the joists rest on the wall 2-across the wall 3-yes, the living room wall, which extends the length of the house thru dad's bedroom 4-yes, however the only thing up there is a 3 ft high crawlspace, it is 1 story. and the ceiling joists run opposite the basement 5-no, varies from 3-5...
  4. isaacb

    Foundation help!

    While cleaning the basement, scrubbing the walls, concrete patch started crumbling off, revealing a wooden board. further study revealed there was a hollow space behind it. Seeing as how this was the base of the foundation, I removed the board for repair. after removal, I discovered that the...
  5. hole


    here you can seethe depth of the hole
  6. joint


    it almost looks like there was a wall that extended further
  7. inside


    here you can see looking out that the base of the wall is a mere 3-5 inches thick
  8. middle of wall

    middle of wall

    here it looks like part of the wall was demolished, then repaired badly
  9. corner


    this is where we found the board set into wall
  10. corner 2

    corner 2

    here you can see the 2nd hollow space