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  1. J

    Cathedral Ceilings

    In floor heating, or lots of big ceiling fans blowing down is about all you can do.
  2. J

    Well Pressure Tank Questions

    That makes since.
  3. J

    Well Pressure Tank Questions

    It would be interesting to know why you think you need that big a tank. There's nothing different you need to do when installing a larger tank, it's just going to take up a whole lot more room. Check the pressure on the gauge before doing anything, so you will know what pressure the tank should...
  4. J

    can stainless steel chimney liner be repaired?

    Post a picture please so we can see what your seeing.
  5. J

    Identify the roof over the porch

    It does not look like anything I've ever seen in the US. One more reason it's a good idea to include your general location in your profile.
  6. J

    Bad Drainage on Patio Outside Basement Door

    Post a picture so we can see what your seeing.
  7. J

    Replacing a Hose Bibb, Vinyl Mounting Block removal

    What am I missing here, this is in Oregon. there is no freeze proof still cock, PVC used outside that's going to freeze and brake.
  8. J

    Cleaning double window panes

    WARNING! there is no way to "drill" into a window and have that work out. Please reply with a picture so we know what type window you have and how old they are.
  9. J

    pouring concrete floor in crawl space

    Just lay down a vapor barrier. There's so little heat given off that last thought is not a great one.
  10. J

    Issue with gutters, covered front porch, drainage.

    When I bought my tiny house it looked almost identical to his, except mine was on a slab that had been poured to low. It was so bad that in a heavy rain water would come up through the floor inside! The lot is level so I had to get creative to get rid of the water. First thing I did was get rid...
  11. J

    Seeding too late in the fall?

    No it's not to late. By then your going to be getting into the rainy season so you do not have to water it, and it's cool enough it's not going to burn up. Suggestion, go on the Scotts website for suggestions on what lawn care treatments it needs at what time of year. If you wanted to you can...
  12. J

    Workshop windows

    I'd suggest using these. This company was started to solve the exact issue your dealing with. Lexan is good stuff, but you will not be able to open the window to get some air flow. Hardware cloth will look like poop, and if it's to close to the glass it's still...
  13. J

    Odd/Damaged supports in attic

    That looks like some poorly done DIY homeowner repair that would not have worked the way it was done. No insurance company of any kind is going to do anything for you on this one. A roofing company is also going to be most likely useless on this one, they do roofs, this is framing. A real...
  14. J

    Damaged strip of hardwood floor

    You made the job 10 times harder by using that wood filler, it as well as that 2 X 4 needs to go. Once that's all dug out take another picture so we can see how much flooring needs to be replaced. It's best to cut out and replace whole strips, not just patch in some short pieces when possible so...
  15. J

    Hanging string lights

    I set the post, add galv. Eye bolts, run the guy wires using wire rope clamps to attach to the eye bolts, then use cable ties to attach the lights to the cable. If you do it right one person can stand on one end attaching the ties, and the other can be pulling it along the cable with a piece of...
  16. J

    What do they call this part for the shower

    Whenever possible while doing this I add ball valves, so you do not have to shut the whole house down to work on it. Any local hardware store, Lowes or HD will have these right on the shelf, why order one?
  17. J

    Leaky and rotten siding

    It's rotting because it far to close to grade! It should have been a min. of 6" above grade. There's is no way to just putty and paint this one! You need to at least mark and chalk line it, 6" from the bottom, then cut and remove all of it. Once removed your very likely to find more rot behind...
  18. J

    Sump pump question - urgent

    Replace the check valve.
  19. J

    Strange home noise

    It's anyone's guess what it may be, so please bear with just a lot of guesses on this one. One simple test to eliminate one more guess, would be to add some red food coloring into your toilet tank and see if the flapper is leaking into the bowl.
  20. J

    Hole in slab behind kitchen sink

    Concrete in direct contact over time will corrode the pipe and cause it to leak. There's been thousands of older homes that have had to be replumbed because the copper lines where ran through the slabs. There should have been some sort of sleeve, such as PVC pipe over the copper where it came up...