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  1. Skeezix

    Obnoxious Noise When I Open My Garage Door

    Olddognewtrick - The gaps between the tracks and the rollers are consistent, and there is movement between them except at the top where the track transitions from vertical to horizontal. - I checked the tracks and they are not loose. - I never noticed the gap at the top before, but then...
  2. Skeezix

    Obnoxious Noise When I Open My Garage Door

    I have a single-wide garage that consist of horizontal sections, each about 16-18 inches high. The door is opened and closed using one spring wound around a horizontal shaft. A cable on each end of the shaft is attached to the bottom corners of the door to pull it up. The door has rollers on its...
  3. Skeezix

    Table Saw

    As a DIY homeowner with 45 years of DIY experience (on my own stuff, I might add), I would buy a DeWalt tool before I would buy a "SkilSaw" tool. Most low-priced tools that have a rotating component also have bushings while the commercial-grade tools use bearings. The bushings wear out pretty...
  4. Skeezix

    Front Door Finish Is Coming Off When I Try to Clean Door

    After I gave up on the door the wifey came out and used some "Pledge" (or some-such) to wipe down the faded part. Now the door looks like new and it's been six months later.
  5. Skeezix

    Help with Painting faded Front Door

    A few months after I gave up on my faded front door, the wifey came out and rubbed some Pledge (or whatever she was using at the moment) on the faded part. The door now looks like new. Guess I'll need to check it every now-and-then and reapply the Pledge. Helluva lot better than repainting it!
  6. Skeezix

    Connecting a 3/4-Inch PVC Stub to an Outdoor Receptacle Box

    I have a metal outdoor receptacle box with a 1/2-inch opening. I also have a 3/4-inch PVC stub. I want to connect the PVC stub to the receptacle box. I will run low-voltage wires from the PVC stub to the receptacle box. What kind of adapter do I need?
  7. Skeezix

    replacing door

    Just to clarify: Yes, there is no such thing as a door that is just a door that has hinges that will just fit on my existing hinges ;) ,
  8. Skeezix

    Painting front door

    Nor am I. o_O You could call the number given on the paint can and ask. I wonder what they would say... or you could google "water-based oil paint".
  9. Skeezix

    Ceiling fan light

    You could buy a "Wiggy". I bought mine 20 years ago for about $15. It is an AC tester with two 30-inch probes/leads on one end and the body on the other. Here's a photo...
  10. Skeezix

    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    Thank you for all of your comments and replies. I think I'll cheap out and use sand to fill the gap. Careful measurement of the gap is 3 inches deep by 3/4 inch wide by 15 feet long. The area doesn't get much water at all and if I have to top it off every couple of years that's okay with me.
  11. Skeezix

    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    I had forgotten all about using sand. I'll give it a try.
  12. Skeezix

    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    I dunno. The separation is 5 inches deep and 16 feet long. I also have another place that is again, 5 inches deep and is 9 feet long. How far will 10.5 ounces go? Seems like I would need a lot of 10.5 ounces of Sikaflex to seal all of that.
  13. Skeezix

    Hot water heater

    House pressure 70 PSI, backflow preventer valve installed. When the expansion tank on my water heater finally died, I could tell that something was wrong. When I turned on any hot water tap, the water would gush out for a second, then flow normally. After I replaced the expansion tank, the...
  14. Skeezix

    String trimmer string keeps breaking

    I'll repeat: I think that 0.080" string is for grass only. When I run my Stihl FS90 at full RPM a freshly wound spool will last only a couple of weeks (using it to trim around 500 feet twice a month). When I run the trimmer just fast enough to clip the grass and weeds, I can easily triple that...
  15. Skeezix

    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    Thank you for your replies. Yes, the driveway slab goes down and away from the garage slab. And yes, the soil here is clay. :( I'm not familiar with sika-flex or how to use it, nor do I know anything about Cement-All. At this moment, filling the gap with sand sounds like the best solution...
  16. Skeezix

    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    My house was built in 1982. It has a concrete driveway and a double garage. Over the years the driveway had cracked and slid about an inch away from the garage. I tried using the gray styrofoam-like filler and some caulk, but that of course didn't hold, so in 2015 I had the driveway removed and...
  17. Skeezix

    Help with Painting faded Front Door

    I have the same problem. :dunno:
  18. Skeezix

    Garage entry door

    Amen on that ^. :I agree:
  19. Skeezix

    String trimmer string keeps breaking

    I've been using trimmers of various brands for around 45 years, and am now on my 3rd trimmer (a gas-powered Stihl that I bought in 2008 for about $135). I used various brands of string and for the last 7-8 years I have been having trouble with the string breaking. Before that it's never been a...
  20. Skeezix

    String trimmer string keeps breaking

    My local Stihl salesman told me that the string (0.080") dries out and should be kept in water to maintain its flexibility. Sounds like BS to me, but then who knows?? I can't see plastic drying out or absorbing water, but then again... maybe?? :dunno: