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  1. Burgy

    Motion sensor add on

    Is it possible to add a motion sensor or a remote motion sensor (not dusk to dawn) of some sort to an existing outdoor wall mount light sconce? We don’t want to buy a new fixture that isn’t going to match. Attached is the fixtures I have that do not have sensors. Thank you.
  2. Burgy

    Pavilion Ceiling wood

    I am having a pavilion build on our patio. The vaulted ceiling will either be cedar or pine. Leaning toward pine as it is much cheaper. I realize cedar holds up better in the long run but I have heard good things about pine. It will be sheltered from rain. It will be stained or painted if...
  3. Burgy

    Capped Garage Patio foam

    Our new concrete patio will cap our storage area underneath. I will store my utility trailer and who knows what else. This storage area is attached to a two car garage and separated by a full wall. This storage area has a door in the rear wall leading to our finished basement. As an...
  4. Burgy

    Outdoor stairs lighting

    Though the season is about over, we are adding on to our home which includes adding outdoor stairs from our patio to the lower garage. The stairs will be situated behind a privacy fence. Has anyone added lighting to stairs that has worked well? The yard is graded so that it runs down hill and...
  5. Burgy

    Gas firepit propane to natural gas

    We want to convert our propane gas grill to natural gas. I see Lowes has a natural gas conversion kit...
  6. Burgy

    Leaking faucet handle top

    I have a dual handle Delta Classic bathroom faucet. I don't know the model #. The cold handle leaks out of the base right above the chrome ring. Weird part is that when it leaks out of the cold handle side, it is when the HOT handle is turned open, not when the cold handle is opened. The...
  7. Burgy

    Attic light

    My attic light is a simple one bulb chain pull fixture. However, for the light to turn on, the main level hallway light switch must be turned On. The hallway switch is a single pole switch; it doesn't control any other light fixtures. I am going to replace the attic fixture with a dual...
  8. Burgy

    Corrugated Drainage Tile/sump pump

    I have a 2" O.D. PVC pipe coming out of the house for the sump pump. I would like to connected corrugated drainage tile to it but want to use 1 1/2" corrugated drainage pipe. Is there a 45 degree reducer adapter that would work for 2" PVC on one end and 1 1/2" on the other that corrugated...
  9. Burgy

    Ceiling light blinking

    My bedroom light is a ceiling fan and light fixture. The wall switch is set up where I have one switch to turn light on/off. The other switch is a switch/dimmer all in one for turning the fan on/off and speed control. We don't care about the speed control as we can do that right at the fan if...
  10. Burgy

    3 Way Wall Light Switch compatible

    I control the kitchen lights with (2) 3-way switches on either side of the room. One of them has to be in the ON position for the 2nd switch to work. I just realized that. I thought I blew a breaker the other day when the switch would not turn the light on, until I walked to other switch and...
  11. Burgy

    Ceiling Fan Light Kit

    My mother-in-law would like me to install a light kit to her ceiling fan. The ceiling fan is about 4 years old. There is no brand name marked on it anywhere. I had thought it was a Harbor Breeze but I don't think so. So we don't know the brand name. I took off the bottom cap/cover to the...
  12. Burgy

    GE vintage double wall oven meat thermometer

    Hello. I have a vintage GE double oven. I recently replaced the upper oven wall thermometer receptacle. I was told from an Appliance parts center that the receptacle would work though it is a different style than the original. I had also purchased the appropriate thermometer to work with the...