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  1. pbellamy

    What’s this concrete beam?

    As per my other thread I’m now digging the front of my house to get to an appropriate grade. (Previous house owner put a patio way above level of foundation and bottom12 inches of siding are rotted). move now dug outback to 6 inches below sidings but there is a mystery concrete beam in front if...
  2. pbellamy

    Hi Folks

    I’m a Brit living in New York… I’m a bit of a do it myself soul and having bought a house 4 years ago that was basically uncared for since the 80’s (apart from a ton of cosmetic stuff done to sell) I’m basically modernizing and repairing everything… Call me a plumber , electrician, builder...
  3. pbellamy

    Leaky and rotten siding

    I am have vertical wood siding on my house (which is on a hill). I have a room with damp damage immediately below my kitchen. Externally It’s block paving to wooden vertical siding. Siding looks rotten. thoughts on a repair. Do I need to replace the siding Repair the wood and just re-cork with...