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    Street / Main Power restoration indicator

    So storm Isaias knocked out power for me. I have a back up generator that I connect to my panel after disconnecting it from the main. The problem I am trying to solve is knowing when main power has been restored. Thankfully a neighbor called me last night and told me it had been restored, but I...
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    Fix or replace? Mansfield Toilet Flush Valve - Fix!

    I have once again come across a frustrating happenstance, where an older household item eventually needs some sort of repair, only to find that it is nearly impossible to find a *simple* replacement part and thus one must do a near or total replacement of an item for want of a painfully simple...
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    Effikal flue damper not closing

    I have an Effikal RVGP-KS-6BKF FLUE Damper on my heating system. With the cold snap, I noticed that the house was not heating above 66. what I discovered was that the damper was open. I disengaged the motor, and was able to manually close the damper. I reattached the motor, and when the...
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    RFI - How 2 add sink in basement

    I want to put a utility sink in my basement. The only drain pipe is as in the attached photo. Can anyone point me to how they would add a drain up into that pipe? ie by adding pipe at end via cap, or cutting into 3" pipe that goes to left, or ? ... presuming I will have a sink with a...
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    Help Planning security camera placement

    I want to put up security cameras, and would like to run the wires in the attic space. In the front of the house is a soffit but not on the back of the house. Has anyone installed cameras on the soffit via the attic and can offer advice or directions to same?
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    Advice w/ bad fence installation

    I had a fence installed by what I believed to have been a reputable company. The allowable heights are pretty standard in this region, and he put it in so tall that my neighbor had a fit. He lowered the fence, but dropped it to soil level. This after telling me that it cannot be near the soil...
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    Wrought Iron repair?

    I have an iron support that holds up one side of a porch overhang. It has two 1" square rods, connected with "S" shaped curly pieces of flat iron, typical of w/i fences. Where one of the 1" rods meets the concrete steps, it has rusted away, so the support relies on only the intact rod...
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    Sinking Sprinkler heads - HELP!

    I have an inground sprinkler system. over the past few years it has come to pass that the heads are getting lower and lower in the ground, and keeping them clear getting to be more work. anyone offer any constructive help? :(
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    RFI Repair of asphalt driveway

    I have an asphalt driveway, and have a few cracks in it. I have used the liquid latex crack sealer, but in a few areas the cracks are ~ 1/4" wide, and what is worse - the latex just seems to pour in forever. Obviously, there has been some excavation by water etc making a void. I plan to...
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    Patio Leveling?

    The patio in my back yard is made of two large concrete slabs. They have settled and now are lower towards the house. Water collects when it rains, and I do not want water draining towards my foundation - I would prefer it drains away. What can be done to elevate the low sides of the slabs to...
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    Drafty Windows

    My home had dbl pane vinyl replacement windows installed some time before I purchased it. trouble is, some of them have significant air leaking around them. The window in the master bath is so drafty that the room is significantly cooler. What is the approach to take in repairing this problem...
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    New 2 Forum

    Hello all, I am from Long Island, and a relatively new home owner. I have a few projects that I seek help with: drafty windows and patio slabs tilted towards foundation, and hope that I have come to the right place.