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    Spray on siding?

    Has anyone here heard of that spray on siding? If so, do you have experience with it or know if it's as good as they claim?
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    tankless water heaters

    I'm looking for input on the new tankless water heaters. They look very efficient and would be a real spacesaver. Anyone here have one? I'd like some input from someone who owns one.
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    durable flooring for bathroom

    I'm remodeling the bathroom and would like to know what type of flooring would be most durable in the bathroom. Resistant to water, traffic, moisture, etc.. I'm not wanting to have to redo this bathroom again any time soon.
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    best bathroom wall covering?

    I'm remodeling the bathroom and would like to hear from everyone on what the best wall covering for the bathroom would be? I'm looking for long-lasting, low-maintenance, yet still attractive. What would you all suggest?