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    Adding insulation over rafters, and a walkway?

    I've got unfaced R30 insulation filling my rafters (conventional framing) and I should have R45 or better for my 'zone'. I've purchased and started laying unfaced R15 perpendicular to the rafters to minimize gaps with the original insluation. I need a walkway to be able to inspect my attic...
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    Best Spray Foam Insulation In A Can?

    If you're still looking for advise here, I'll say that the LocTite is denser and stickier for vertical applications; also more expensive. Great Stuff is less dense but gives you more coverage. I've found that great stuff tends to clog more if I want to use part of a can one day and come back...
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    What type of leak only leaks sometimes?

    I'm considering wrapping a paper towel around the vent where it is exposed in the attic and directly above the leak.
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    What type of leak only leaks sometimes?

    Thank you all for your ideas. Because I last had a mystery leak when it was raining, I think that the roof vent is the culprit. I wish that I could get onto my roof, but it is slate. I like the vent because I also had a mystery drip in the ceiling of the powder room (in the same wall, just...
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    What type of leak only leaks sometimes?

    That sounds like a joke, but it is not. I found a small puddle ~4oz of water that had spilled out from the trim where a ceiling meets a wall in my basement. So I opened an 8x8" square. The plumbing for my powder room is directly visible, but the PEX is dry. My 2nd floor full bath is directly...
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    What would be the best way to insulate this ceiling?

    I've heard that despite LED lights generating very little heat, the LEDs don't deal with heat well at all, so mounting them in a closed space and basically sealing them might not well tolerated... Where are you located? What is the celling in the attic, do you want to just insulate that? How...
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    Porch Roof redesign

    I have an 8'x8' front porch with a flat roof with a central drain that is 6"x6", draining to a 3 or 4" pipe that runs to the corner of the porch, then down a pipe that is hidden in the porch column. The surface is flame-down tar. A leak developed at the seam between the roof surface and the...
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    Hot water heater exhausts into failed chimney; repipe or repair?

    My house has a masonry chimney with two flues, one for the gas furnace with active exhaust and the other used to service the hot water heater's passive vent. The flue from the hot water water heater collapsed and was invaded by squirrels. When the squirrels were removed, the chimney was capped...
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    Move Electrical Main shutoff inside?

    My house was built in the 1940s and 'flipped' ~2000. Much of the electrical has been replaced. The main breaker is outside, but it does not stay 'OFF' and doesn't even intermittently stop the power supply when I hold it in the 'OFF' position. The main panel is inside. I have not identified...
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    4x4 post bowing into gate

    I was thinking of something more substantial, like a redhead. I've never used that type of anchor on concrete.
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    4x4 post bowing into gate

    I miss Slim. 🙁 My buddy thinks that I should push it to where it is near vertical and then drill a hole down the center, and insert a metal pipe that wouldn't bend. I think that drilling that far just wouldn't work. What do you think?
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    New HVAC Install Issue

    They said that there was an issue and that they had to return for some reason. Do you think that it has been leaking refrigerant with the gauges on for that long? Can that damage the unit?
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    New HVAC Install Issue

    My mother had her HVAC unit replaced. There was some sort of issue with the unit and they left some gauges on it, outside. It has been 10 days. Should I be concerned?
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    4x4 post bowing into gate

    UPDATE: The gap from the brick is now back to 3/4". I didn't do a damn thing due to other issues and the fact that I don't use that gate too often... What are the chances that it just stays there on its own?...
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    Big Prime Day sale on Black and Decker

    Just an FYI if you're looking for a reason to buy a new cordless powertool.
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    Interchangeable 20V Batteries?

    Can anyone list 20V batteries that are interchangeable? I figured out the system with older 'joystick' style batteries, but I haven't figured it out for the newer style of battery pack. Specifically, can I modify Craftsman batteries to fit any other brands, specifically Black & Decker.
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    4x4 post bowing into gate

    But would that have enough force to correct the bend?
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    4x4 post bowing into gate

    How do I best do that? Drill through the 4x4, then drill through that hole and into a mortar joint? Should I use an anchor in the wall?
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    4x4 post bowing into gate

    The 4x4" PT Pine post for my fence patch bowed into the gate. What is the best and easiest way to create space for the gate? I'm not sure how to drill and bolt the post to the brick and I'd rather not village the envelope of my home. I could pull the post and rotate it... if I turned it 180...
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    Crown Molding

    To clarify, the crown is installed and the joints aren't to your liking?