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    caculating paint

    how do I calculate how many gallons of paint I will need? I can figure out how to get the square footage, but how many sq feet does a gallon of paint cover? or does it depend on the kind of paint? any professional painters out there?
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    my gas heater sounds like a bomb

    whenever the thermostat tells my gas boiler to light up, it sounds like a bomb exploded and the floor rattles. I've had two different handy men look at it and couldn't seem to figure what was wrong with it. one reduced the gas to it and the other guy put a coupler of some kind, but it still...
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    painting vinyl siding

    i have a twin and me and my neighbor have a beautiful blue vinyl siding. for some reason, he wants to paint his. i thought the whole point of having siding was so that you didn't have to paint. he is bugging me to paint mine the same as his, he wants it a cream color. i told him i wasn't...
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    will vinyl tile stick over ceramic

    I was just wondering. my bathroom had a serious leak under the floor and the plumber had to break up the ceramic tile to get to the leak. he cemented over it, but the rest of the floor is still tile (he dug up a huge part of the floor though) can I just vinyl tile over the whole mess? will...
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    mosquito problem

    what's the best way to get rid of pesky mosquitos in the yard? is there something I can plant that will keep them away? i've tried those smelly cintrinella candles, but they don't do much. I would love to find some sort of organic way, like a plant or something that they dont' like. anyone...