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    Any advice on how to get rid of pests in and around your home?
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    Run out of hot water

    Why does this happen? We always run out of hot water after about 20 mins or so of showering.
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    Question about Electric Wall Heaters

    Thank you for the replies. I ended up calling a heating specialist who I feel cheated me. I told him I had electric heat but I didn't know what kind. He sent out a heating specialist and charged me for that. The heating specialist told me I needed an electritian. They wanted to charge me...
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    Question about Electric Wall Heaters

    Hi, I am new to the East Coast and I recently bought a house. The house had electric wall heaters and when I turn them on, they don't seem to get very hot. People told me not to put furniture too close to them as they got it and it poses a fire hazard but the heaters don't really get hot at...