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    Remote sensor- thermostat

    I'm looking for a movable thermostat that connects wirelessly to a wall mounted controller. My thermostat is wired in the living room but I need to control the temperature in one of the bedrooms where the baby sleeps. If I lower the thermostat to 65 over night, it still makes it too warm in her...
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    Weird sounds coming out of minisplit

    My unit started making this noise this morning. It's been working fine all night, cooling to 75F. The unit is on the quiet mode. Is this normal?
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    Vinegar smell coming out of AC

    I have a Mitsubishi mini split that was installed last fall and we used it for heating over the winter and now when we started using it for cooling I've noticed a vinegar smell coming out of it. We have 5 zones but only one smells. Air filters and heat exchanger are clean, Mitsubishi tech...
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    Ductless AC operating question

    I've had a new system put in a few weeks ago and I have not been able to increase the fan speed or change the vane orientation. It is a multi zone system and am using it for heat right now setting the temp at 65 F. I turn it on and it blows air but no matter what setting I choose on the remote...
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    Ductless AC system

    Hi all I'm looking to get a five zone ductless system installed and the quotes I'm getting are insane ($17-$19k including equipment and installation). I'm located in NJ, are these reasonable, I think not since the equipment alone is around $5k, instalation cannot be $12 k or more. If anyone has...
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    Studs causing drywall bulging

    Hi all Noob here with a question that I can't find answer to online. I've noticed lately that the wall has bulges running almost ceiling to floor at even intervals, same as stud spacing. Anyone has any idea what is causing it? I've read about ghosting but that's not it since this is a real...