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  1. frodo


    4 years ago, I ran across an instant hot and I installed it on my sink love it love it then it stopped working, sad sad sad I removed it, did not do anything to it but move the temp setting it started working again then, the plastic tubing from the unit to the faucet melted so...
  2. frodo

    steel plate art

    thought I would show you guys what a bud of mine is up to. his art is REALLY good,
  3. frodo

    just in

    Vegas shooter do not know if true or not, time will tell
  4. frodo

    The NRA Weighs in on the NFL

    A true American Hero. Are we so lazy as Americans, so disgustingly forgetful that we can not give Honor where and too those to whom honor is do? The NFL can eat crap and die. I am tired that we have to "REMIND" them. Remind them of what if they don't know well this is a lesson they need, but...
  5. frodo

    help me wire this system

    my goal is to control a circ pump using a 3 way switch in the bathroom that will turn on the pump when the light is turned on sounds simple enough. but, I want this to happen in 2 bathrooms and the kitchen will you please draw the wiring in all wires will be 12 g with a ground
  6. frodo

    tool sale

    been plumbing since 1977, time to stop and enjoy life I have a lot of plumbing hand tools I will sell if any one is interested from B tanks and torches to pipe wrenches cutters, #10 thru #30 pipe dies and cutters 1/2 thru 1'' for steel pipe
  7. frodo

    "Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks? "

    "Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks? "
  8. frodo

    What Happened was...............

    may 21st. i was digging a post hole and had the worst pain in my belly I have ever felt. I just yelled get me an ambulance. i slipped into a 3-week coma then ICU for 2 weeks. I got home last night with a vAcuum wound pump on my butt and chest plus a couple of tubes sticking out of my...
  9. frodo

    9mm ammo deal
  10. frodo

    Ms Angie.....

    Angie, I joined this forum years ago. And then did not post for 5 or 6 years I still have the old email account associated with the this site I can not access my old profile, BUT I am getting email notices 1500 of them in the old email account can you PLEASE look into turning off the email...
  11. frodo

    credit card and debit card minimum charge fees bottom line, a store can not charge you a minimum purchase fee if you use a debit card they can if you use the debit card as a credit card mastercard and visa both
  12. frodo

    gun porn that 50 was awesome as hell to shoot and that spider is one mean little dude,,, I would not mess with him
  13. frodo

    adds and popup blocker

    on the plumbing forum above the post box is a black space, i assume an add goes there i see the wheel of death spinning inside the black space and am unable to type in the post box, till it stops
  14. frodo

    dog house

    home depot is running a special on landscape timbers 3.3x3.5x8' treated for $1.97 that is cheaper than a treated 2x4, so i am picking up a load of them. I am going to build Biscuit a dog house,, and it is pretty much straight forward in design. I do have a question as to attaching the...
  15. frodo

    I confess, I am LGBT

  16. frodo

    need IT HELP{{!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need IT help, I have to edit this in my mouse stops working here is the story, I ran defender, ot says I have a trojun So I reset the pc wiped out everything Now I have windows 1o, mouse stops working and disapears, i have no sound, a another driver check says 14 drivers are...
  17. frodo

    gif not working

    gif's not working, all these are gif's how come the cat and the goat are not cat'n and goat'n ? both were gif when entered , both came out as jpg
  18. frodo

    i was curious

    I was told the AR 15 is the ''weapon of choice'' for mass shooters I am not really into the AR platform, I like the i started digging the farther I dug, the more i found that an ar is NOT the favorite weapon of mass shooters, a hand gun is i went back to 2010,,--present ,,from 2010...
  19. frodo

    hey Canada !!!!!!!!!!

    I understand our "dreamers" are crossing over into your border in unpresidented numbers, Merry Christmass YA"LL !!!!!!!!! and dont try that re gifting no no..they belong to you now:rofl::rofl::rofl: hope you have a lot of yards to mow. lol lol lol north wall 2020!!!!!!!!!
  20. frodo

    You MUST see this

    This answers a few questions as to crowd size