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  1. Jdeal1

    Ac Vent

    My basement is being finished and I feel like all the drywall dust is circulating through my house is it ok to cover the Intake vent or am I just crazy and the dust isn’t making it through my filter and through my ac registers and making my allergies go nuts
  2. Jdeal1

    Interior door latch

    What kind of closers are these? The ball keeps popping out of one of them and I would like to replace
  3. Jdeal1

    What’s this?

    What are these discoloration marks that look like drywall nails?
  4. Jdeal1

    Garage floor

    My wife put a trash bag out in the garage with what I believe to be salad dressing leaked out and on to the floor can I clean this up? Like power washer?
  5. Jdeal1

    Basement project

    Well we decided to pay to have our 900sq basement finished during COVID the costs were just astronomical. I am vervous because I. Sure nothing ever goes perfect what are some things I should watch out for during the process?
  6. Jdeal1

    Connection to dryer

    How do I make this connection tighter? There is hot air coming out from it? Or is that just what to expect?
  7. Jdeal1

    Water supply behind toilet

    What the heck is that? Coming from underneath my water supply line?
  8. Jdeal1

    Water level in toilet tank

    Should the water be this high next to the over flow? It’s like right there sometimes I here like a “dripping” sound coming from the toilet and my last quarters water bill went up by 160$
  9. Jdeal1

    Bird nest

    How should I combat this it’s behind a shutter.
  10. Jdeal1

    Dryer vent?

    So not to sound dumb but I can’t figure out what this vent goes to. picture one is what I thought was the dryer vent but with the dryer running the flap opens on the second one?
  11. Jdeal1

    Shower pan

    What is this cut out for on the shower pan? There are 2.
  12. Jdeal1

    Window area

    How do I replace this caulk that’s messed up? What causes it. My home is 6 years old.
  13. Jdeal1

    Area above gas fireplace

    The temperature of the wall above is above 100 degrees is there a problem with the temp being that high?
  14. Jdeal1

    Voltage tester

    Can someone in this forum recommend a tester to have around the house?
  15. Jdeal1

    Ceiling fan light

    The light will just randomly turn off. I replaced the light kit last year and it worked fine. Now it’s doing it again. I called hunter and they said I need a new wiring harness. So I ordered it. The light is on a dimmer could this be the culprit? How would I know because once I turn the light...
  16. Jdeal1

    Garage entry way

    What can I do with this stair set to help keep down some of the dirt getting in my house! The small mat isn’t doing it.
  17. Jdeal1

    Toilet still running

    Replaced the flush valve it seems as though it doesn’t fall down and seal properly then it also seems as though the water is going over top op the valve and running?
  18. Jdeal1


    Caught two mice in my garage with glue traps. They’re small is this indicative of a bigger problem?
  19. Jdeal1


    This is my bathroom I feel like the fan is causing this or the design of the bathroom. We shower with the door open and leave the fan on for at least 30 minutes after ahoeering. How does this get fixed
  20. Jdeal1

    More tree questions

    What on earth is wrong with my tree? I power washed near it maybe some of the chemical got into the bed? How can I save it