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    Bosch Dishwasher E:24 Error Immediately

    My Bosch Dishwasher gets an E:24 error immediately when its run. We've found the only way around this is to run the garbage disposal and hot water for a few minutes prior to starting the dishwasher. All the discharge tubes and piping are clear and there's no food buildup anywhere. I thought...
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    Adding a ceiling light

    I'm not aware of a remote control. Just adding a light kit to the existing ceiling fan. This one seemed like more of a bare bones ceiling fan than the other two (easy to install and they worked as expected). This bare bones ceiling fan isn't lighting the bulb and I was wondering if the blue...
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    Adding a ceiling light

    I've started a ceiling fan light install. I've done two successfully, but the third one does not power the bulb on (tried multiple bulbs). I attached the blue wire to the black, and the white to the white with wire nuts. The blue wire has a crimp connector that I am considering snipping off /...
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    Replacement Valve Question

    I have to replace some radiator valves in my house - I was wondering if there was a part available to just purchase the 3/4" cap on top of the radiator pipe and the turn valve, or would I need the entire assembly? I have a picture attached below.
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    Add on to ceiling fan

    I have a ceiling fan controlled by a light switch which I believe is on Romex wiring. Is it possible to install additional lighting fixtures in the ceiling and "tie them in" to the existing switch and ceiling fan? ie, all the fan and additional lights would all be tied into the single on/off...
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    Power Plus iii - Door Reverse?

    I was wondering if the Sears Craftsman Power Plus iii Garage Door Opener can have an infared sensor hooked up to it to reverse the door closing? I can't decipher it from the technical specs...also, would I need a particular brand or any vendor make will work?
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    Fireplace Damper Handle

    I have a Majestic fireplace damper in my house that needs a new damper handle. I thought this would be a straight-forward find through Home Depot and Amazon. Can anyone point me to a specific damper handle? Thanks in advance!
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    Garage Door Opener Reverse Mechanism

    Can a garage door opener have a reverse mechanism added after installation? Or would a new garage door opener be required? It's a Craftsman opener, I don't have the exact model with me, so I'm speaking looking for a general yes it can / no it can't.
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    Water Filter to ice maker

    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on having a Filtrete water filter run to the cold water tap AND a refrigerator's ice maker...Filtrete doesn't have a part number to do this, but I'm open to alternative vendors for it, or if the recommendation is "don't" that is fine too. Thanks in...
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    Garage Door Opener

    Thank you! There is a bathroom above, but did not see any ceiling evidence or drip evidence of a water leak. ruling out htere's no fluid in the opener is a great steps, thanks for your insight.
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    Garage Door Opener

    It's water.
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    Garage Door Opener

    I have a Gemini Intellicode garage door oil leaking water. It doesn't seem to do this if it's unplugged. I was wondering if anyone knows how/why this originates. Thanks in advance!
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    Condensator Pump

    I am looking for recommendations on a condensator pump that would be best for a residential central air unit with 20' to the laundry basin. Thanks in advance!
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    Water Pump Recommendation for Central Air

    I have a central air unit that has a clogged drain pipe. The pipe goes behind a lot of drywall and I want to replace that with a water pump that can pump the drain water out (in place of relying on copper piping) Does anyone have any recommendations on a pump that can accomplish this? Thanks...
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    Lead level testing

    It's the Pittsburgh area, and it was something noted on the home inspection. I didn't know if one type of testing (available on Amazon / Home Depot) would be more accurate or thorough than another one...
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    Lead level testing

    Hello, I'm purchasing a house that has a lead pipe coming into the house from the water authority. I'd like to test this and wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on a best testing kit to use. Thanks in advance!
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    Electrical Socket Sparked

    Attached is a picture of the outlet. I had a screw in the box through the hole on the backend. The circuit was off. The screwdriver touched a metal part inside the box and created a spark.
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    Electrical Socket Sparked

    I needed to put a remount the socket box to the wall after a cabinet was removed from the wall in the kitchen. I turned that outlet's circuit off but when I was screwing the bracket onto the wall, the screwdriver sparked (fairly big spark and the tip is blackened) Is this normal to hold...
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    Water Softener

    I wanted to ask for your opinion on the best fit water softener for a residential home in Pittsburgh, PA. We know there is a hard water issue. This would be for a 60-gallon water heater (natural gas) supporting a shower, two sinks, and a dishwasher. Thanks in advance -
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    Water softener

    I wanted to ask for your opinion on the best fit water softener for a residential home in Pittsburgh, PA. We know there is a hard water issue. This would be for a 60-gallon water heater (natural gas) supporting a shower, two sinks, and a dishwasher. Thanks in advance -