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  1. John White

    Blower motor not working right

    The blower of your HVAC system is the prime component that helps in pushing air through the vent of your HVAC machine, without it. Some of the causes that might affect your blower motor are overheating, fan belt problem, icy air conditioner, due to dirty air conditioner blower. If these causes...
  2. John White

    Condensator Pump

    Hi, I highly suggest you to take recommendation by contacting your nearest HVAC contractors to resolve your condensation pump issue.
  3. John White

    Ductless AC operating question

    As you mentioned that you have installed a new system few weeks ago and facing slow fan speed. You can check several things like the machine air filters, air handling unit and compressor. If these things are working properly then you should contact a professional HVAC contractor near you to...
  4. John White

    A/C (5 yrs. old) now only producing fan air, no cool air

    I have read your post. As you mentioned that your AC unit is 5 years old and not producing cool air now. It is very important to know that everyone should schedule a maintenance of AC at least once in a year and if you do not do that then many of issues may cause problems in future. If your AC...
  5. John White

    contactor / compressor problem

    Hi, I have gone through your post. As you mentioned that your AC compressor isn't working properly then in this scenario you should contact to professional HVAC Contractors near you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  6. John White

    When to replace system

    Before going to replace your AC system, checkout the below mentioned points and then decide is it the right time to replace your AC system! Age of your AC unit. If your AC is more then 10-15 years old then it might be better to replace. You should understand if your AC unit costs heavy in...
  7. John White

    How to troubleshoot this ac?

    Are you looking for some healthy way to troubleshoot your Air Conditioner? Well, here below are some of the common causes of AC failure are; Faulty circuit or electrical connections. Refrigerant leakage Frozen coil Damaged fan blades, compressor, contacts etc. When you forget the annual...
  8. John White

    John White is a business owner of White Mechanical, Inc. who is dedicated to provide better...

    John White is a business owner of White Mechanical, Inc. who is dedicated to provide better solution to HVAC problems.
  9. John White

    ductwork issue

    Hi, Dont't worry. If you checked out yourself and do not find any problem then you should try to contact a nearest HVAC system service provider. White Mechanical providing services regarding duct cleaning and repair. So you can resolve your problem by taking their services.