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    Painting Furniture

    I have a dresser that I sanded. I painted flat black latex enamel yesterday. The problem is the part where I did not sand down to the bare wood. The paint has not dried and there are streaks and color variations. I need to strip it and redo. I'm guessing the varnish was oil based...
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    Great Site Improvement

    TXBuilder - the forum has really improved. We can not thank you enough for starting it. We're at a stand still on the hurricane house, bathrooms still need to be done. 1 yr 4 months - new drywall, load bearing beam, windows in brick, Ikea cabinets. People give us grief about how long it...
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    Concrete Floor Paint - Nestor???

    We're wearing out. We are trying to finish the floor, but we are going on 3 maybe 4 wks. We stripped the concrete and patched the tack and cermanic tile holes. It is a terrible job. This is the worst part of our job. No Mapei Patch - I did find it at a warehouse, but we don't have an...
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    Ceramic Insulating Paint

    I've done a preliminary search on putting the ceramic additive in paint to deflect the sun. Can anyone find information where an individual used the paint on their stucco/brick and it lowered their bills or that they were glad that they used it? The neighbors are sprucing up their house by...
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    Help Mud Issues

    Do I need more mud around my window and openings? Here is a picture with the 10" knife see the light shining through? I'd really like to move this along, but I'll do what must be done.
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    Level 5 Finish

    We live in the land of texture - mucho mas joint compound. We are trying to have flat flat flat walls and ceiling. I think this is taking too long. The corners are difficult. The sanding is miserable. We even cried uncle and tried to get someone to help us finish the walls. Everyone wants...
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    Mesh over Cornerbead?

    I've noticed in some dyi videos and pictures that they put the mesh over the metal corner bead before mudding. Does this make a smoother transition?
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    Some Progress

    First pic - After scraping the popcorn, we had that knock down look. We wanted flat for this area so we are skim coating the ceiling. We tested in the laundry room first. Looked good. Now we are skim coating the ceiling for a flat finish. Flat finish is near light working our way to middle...
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    Load Bearing Column

    The first engineer we were working with was too busy with roof inspections to provide calculation for our 17 ft span. OK we got the wrong stuff - three 2X12 made of Southern Pine, that needs to be returned. We are on our 2nd engineer. We ordered an LVL from the new engineer. He...
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    Fein MultiMaster – 7-in-1 Power Tool

    Ok so I'm listening to an infomercial on the MultiMaster. Has anyone used this? How does it stand up to drywall dust? We are not dremel fans in our house. We burn them up like a smoke. They want $400. We can buy a lot of tools at Harbor Freight. I know... I know... people don't...
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    Flat Roof

    :mad: The one thing we had to contract out because we need a windstorm certification - the flat roof. It used to be pebble & tar. The hurricane blew the pebbles and we had a bubble in one area and it started to leak on the overhang of the house. We waited on this roofer because he has the...
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    Tape & Float Help Needed

    I am getting frustrated. I'm using paper tape and not the fiberglass mesh. I saw a YouTube demo to get this tape and float thing down. The guy put joint compound first and then wet the tape before applying it. The problem I'm having is, now that it's dry, there a places where the...
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    Hurricane Dolly Fixer

    I'm here to get help from the damage hurricane Dolly did to our house. I'll post some of our flood/hurricane pictures. We were too shocked to take really good pictures, but clued in when our neighbors told us to take pictures for insurance. Insurance is a whole other joke. We lost workers...
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    Framing up a Glass Door as a Window

    Did I get a great deal or I did I just washed $10 down the drain? I was going to install a series of mulled windows, but found a sliding glass door 35" x 79" for on clearance $10. We need light. There is one tiny 3 x 3 window above the sink for the entire side of the house. Is it...
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    Resurfacing Concrete Floor & acid stain floor

    After tile removal, there were divots and mortar raised chunks in the cement slab. I ground down the chunks to be level. There was also black mastic under some spots. 1) Can I skim coat over black mastic? 2) What do I use to patch the divots? Will the skim coat be enough to cover the...