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  1. timma100

    Odd/Damaged supports in attic

    I am a first time home buyer, the home inspector checked everything including the attic and said it was well taken care of. I was running Ethernet for some wireless access points in the attic and found what is in the attached image. They’re on each corner of the home and in multiple other...
  2. S

    Attic vermiculite is ~R14, desire R-49

    My brother's house in Pennsylvania has asbestos-free vermiculite in the attic rafters to ~7 inches, which translates to R-14. The recommended level is R-49. Thank you!
  3. S

    Attic Insulation - Fiberglass roll vs spray vs foam

    I'm insulating a house in Pittsburgh (Rec attic R-49 to 60). The attic is currently devoid of insulation of any type. I want to: Seal the headers to reduce convective heat loss through the walls, ie chimney effect Insulate to R49+ In another house, I sealed headers with caulking and other...