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  1. J

    How to open this light fixture to replace the bulb

    See pictures. Bathroom fixture next to the mirror. I'm not sure how to open the cover to replace the bulb. Any suggestion is much appreciated!
  2. mynewoldhouse

    I can only pick ONE room to renovate; my son's playroom or his bathroom...

    if we update the playroom we'd just replace the fiberboard with drywall. if we do the bathroom it would be updating the old subway tile to match the new (behind the shower) and replace the floors. fixtures would likely remain. playroom: bathroom:
  3. R

    Does this opening between the bathtub and tile look normal before I re-caulk it? How should I seal the joint between the tub and the wood moulding?

    I have just peeled the poorly placed caulk around my bathtub and now need to re-caulk it. Does the result of my caulk-removal look typical to you? (It's my first time doing it.) There are bits of old caulk that seem impossible for me to peel off with my painter's tool. Should I keep scraping at...
  4. S

    Clueless girl with bathroom fan

    Hi guys, you always come to my rescue so I'm hoping to get your advice. I have this fan in a bathroom that broke. BOO HOO! I checked the power in the fan box mechanism hole and the power is OK- other things plug into it an work. so that's a plus. But the fan motor i guess is broken. i really...
  5. J

    How to source/fix bathroom short?

    The lights and outlet in the bathroom have mysteriously stopped working, see attached photo? How can this noob source and fix?
  6. G

    What preparation is needed for a solid surface (e.g. Corian) shower?

    This guy shows a solid surface shower pan going into a space straight onto the subfloor, and bare studs. But I was talking to a design consultant with DIY experience who strongly suggested cement board or greenboard over the studs...
  7. wesley

    Bathtub drain

    Hey guys, This is my bathtub drain from 1958. It looks terrible and I'm scared to try and remove it for fear of breaking it off. Is there any way to refinish it, clean it or some kind of insert to place over it to make it look better? Thanks . Drain by wesley posted Sep 14, 2018 at 7:52 AM
  8. MrsStark

    Needing advice on Bathroom door maze

    Hi Everyone!! I’m needing advice on what my options are for a Bathroom with a SUPER inconveniently placed, but essential, door. The Bathroom has the problem-door, the North door, that leads into the Master Bedroom, and another, the East door, that leads into the hall. Seeing as the door in...
  9. M

    Replace Plastic/Caulk Edging on Framed Glass Shower Door

    Does anyone have an idea if the plastic/caulk edging holding the glass in the metal frame for a shower enclosure can be replaced? Many parts are yellow and dirty. Anytime I try to search online, it just talks about removing normal "squeezeable" silicone caulk. This plastic/caulk edging I am...
  10. Msupsic

    Will it Fail, or Will it Hold?

    Last year, we remodeled our master bath. The job took longer than the contractor anticipated, and he started to get antsy and cut corners so he could finish the job. When he installed our medicine cabinet (see attached photos), he simply put the metal brackets aside and decided to glue the unit...