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  1. ebonyx

    HELP!! Cabinet Discoloration from Goo Gone!

    I use goo gone on my wooden cabinets often We recently bought a special goo gone formulated for use on stoves and grills I, extremely erroneously, believed that this would work essentially the same as the classic goo gone does, just with a foaming agent that helps it grab the loose, thick dirt...
  2. ironhat

    With what do I lube this slider

    I have a 4' wide slider in my new-to-me house that probably hasn't seen lubrication since it was installed 20 yrs ago. It was stiff along its entire length so we cleaned the track and then, lubed and cleaned the rollers, as best I could, with Kroil. I sure cleaned the rollers all right. Now I...
  3. slownsteady

    Cleaning up after grinding concrete

    I recently did a project that required my to do a good amount of concrete grinding with an angle grinder. Despite my best efforts, a lot of dust found it's way around the house. Besides vacuuming and dusting... and vacuuming again.....and again, are there any better ways to clean this up. More...
  4. B

    Gutter Guard Help

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and came here because I'm having trouble getting an answer on the internet to what seems like a simple question. I have the reverse-curve style gutter guards on my house and am trying to figure out what maintenance is necessary. They are starting to get dirty...