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  1. S

    Kitchen counter top laminate intersection separating

    House was built in 2002, we moved in in 2005. My laminate kitchen counter tops have a seam to each side of the sink. It appears that since the sink area is at an odd angle (45 degree maybe ?) to the rest of the kitchen the builder had to create a seam there. Anyway over the years I have...
  2. MTDIYer

    Re-glueing Loose Countertop Trim - Best Glue, and tips or tricks?

    Hello, As a person who has screwed up a few home repair projects, I like to check for advice before attempting projects that look simple. Some of the Formica trim on our counter tops has come off and some is loose. It is mostly the trim on the edge, like that shown in the picture. Please...
  3. L

    Kitchen Countertop Tile

    Was looking for an online or downloadable (Windows) tool/application (well one that I couldn't find searching google that wasn't absolutely terrible and a complete waste of time to use anyways) that would easily layout tile over a defined surface size (countertops) in various popular patterns...