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  1. beetz12

    Need advice on drywall backing

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. My wife and I just recently acquired our first investment property. The house was built in the 1940s and has been neglected for most of that time. It is a single family house that's been converted to a duplex and some of the modifications done are quite...
  2. C

    Drywall repair ideas near stack stone edge

    Hello, newbie here so bear with me. Just had fireplace and surround redone. We are so excited with how it turned out but trying to figure out a quick solution for finishing drywall that was cut as part of this. Stack stone wraps around corners of wall and buts up (with some variation) to what’s...
  3. Frank

    Where the floor meets the wall!

    I had to do some sheetrock work beneath my window and when I pulled the baseboard off I noticed that there were different size gaps in the flooring of the wood and I can feel cold air coming through different spots from underneath the house which is a crawl space. I was wondering what could I...
  4. J

    Identifying leak source

    Hello. Recently, my wife moved a bed to clean under it and we discovered that the drywall by the floor trim is bulging out, the trim itself is warped and also bulging, and the adjacent wood flooring is also slightly warped. Also, about 3 feet directly above this damage, there's a line break in...
  5. A

    No beam in the ceiling

    When I moved into my condo there was a slight crack in the ceiling. It actually looks like it was plastered over and extends pretty much the whole length of the dining room, about 10-15 feet. When I tried to nail up the dry wall, I noticed there was no beam anywhere near the seam where the two...
  6. slownsteady

    3 sides beveled?

    The drywall that you get at the big box store usually has a bevel on the two long sides to make it easier to tape. But what if you need to join sheets lengthwise? Is there a tool that you can get to add a bevel on the third edge? edit: bevel = taper
  7. T

    Studs pushing/bulging out of drywall?

    Hello, I am not home improvement savvy at all. I've tried searching the internet but couldn't find much on this particular issue. All that did pop up was about "ghosting" and I don't believe that is my problem. This occurs mostly in the bathroom and the hallway wall that runs the length of the...
  8. S

    Mounting existing drywall to vertical I-Beam

    I had someone hang drywall in my basement. They used screws for the studs but liquid nails to attach to 4" vertical I-Beams that support the walls next to a fireplace hearth. The drywall is now detached from the I-Beams... ~6 months after being hung. How can I reattach it? I am...
  9. MrsStark

    Needing advice on how to tackle drywall repairs

    Hello Everyone!! I apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, or if some parts of my post belong elsewhere. I'm VERY NEW to understanding the lingo of home remodeling, so I've tried to point out my areas of concern as easily as possible, without making a fool of myself haha...
  10. S

    Water stains around tiny holes on ceilings smoke detectors

    I am looking at a 2 storey house and notice the popcorn ceiling smoke detectors (4 out of 5) have tiny holes drilled around them and there is stain markings around the tiny holes. Main floor has one smoke detector and it has this stain. 3 out of 4 smoke detectors upstairs have such stains. What...
  11. J

    My Shelf Came Off of the Wall... Sort of.

    Okay, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so if not, lead me in the right direction Alright I have one long shelf mounted to a wall in my bedroom in 5 points. The shelf is on brackets like this...
  12. M

    Help! How to repair this wall? -Don’t know what it’s made of...

    Hello, Let me start off by saying - I am a first time home owner who is trying to figure things out as I go... At first I thought repairing these walls in my closets would be a fairly "easy" task... But now I'm second guessing myself. Coming here to get some tips. I'd love to do this repair...