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    Water on outside of high efficiency Goodman Furnace?

    My mother lives in Pennsylvania. She has consistently had water running down the outside of the exhaust pipe from her ~7 yr old Goodman High Efficiency gas furnace for the past 3-4 weeks. It is located in a 2nd floor utility room. It seems to happen regardless of precipitation. It has been...
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    Chimney liner to B-vent connection question

    Hello all, We have an old brick chimney that was at one point (before our time) decommissioned and repurposed as a furnace vent using a flexible chimney liner inside. When we bought our home, the chimney was sticking up through the roof, and the chimney liner went up through a metal flat top...
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    Tempstar furnace clicking, igniting and then shutting off

    This problem started today, the motor comes on, about 20 seconds later I can hear a clicking and the sparks rattling away, it seems to ignite a pilot flame which burns for a 2 seconds and then it shuts off. And then the cycle repeats itself. It's a Tempstar model NUGE075BG01. Attaching a link...
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    Trane XE90 Furnace, 4 blink diagnostic code, won't ignite!!!

    All, I'm getting 4 blinks on the diagnostic code for my furnace. I've replaced the high limit switch (which is what the error refers to). After doing that, it lit the first time for a couple minutes... and then proceeded to revert back to the 4 blink code with no hot air. Any ideas with...