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  1. housegonetoshit

    Door frame has water damage/swollen. Lost on how to fix it

    I am a student with absolutely no home improvement experience outside of painting a wall. The doorframe to our mobile home is water damaged, and the frame has started to swell tremendously. The wall above it is also starting to get veins (?) in it. The bottom sides of the frames (jambs?) are...
  2. M

    Porch Breakage - How to fix? DIY

    The porch is chipped near the stairs, any thoughts on how I can repair this myself? Can't afford right now to hire someone and replace the whole porch.
  3. R

    Need help!

    We just had a new AC unit installed about 4 months ago. I noticed a small line forming about a week after the AC guys left. Now it has turned into this! We have noticed more settling noises in the house than usual, especially on the left side of the house (garage is on the right side). What do...
  4. J

    My Shelf Came Off of the Wall... Sort of.

    Okay, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so if not, lead me in the right direction Alright I have one long shelf mounted to a wall in my bedroom in 5 points. The shelf is on brackets like this...