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    Mold or spray paint ?

    Based on texture shape and lack of smell I think this is not mold but spray paint. The handyman found this piece of wood in the woodworking area and added it there for support. The studs are new, This is old. That's why I questioned it. Does anyone have an opinion? iCloud
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    Why were the wall bottom plates placed on gravel and dirt?

    Hello there. We recently found mold and decayed wood in our finished basement, and after taking off some walls, learned that the wall bottom plates were not placed on the concrete slab. Rather, there appear to be some trenches, and the bottom plates were placed directly on top of the gravel and...
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    DIY’er - redoing baseboards found black mold

    hi everyone, new to this forum and new to diy. Just bought a condo and started to do some remodeling... unfortunately found black mold behind the baseboards. It is considered a basement unit so the floor is concrete. I was planning on putting new baseboard and new vinyl flooring but now ran into...
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    Should I use calk or grout to fix a long crack between the counter and the backsplash?

    One picture below shows what looks like a solid grout seal between the counter and backsplash, but I thought that calk is more appropriate for this area because grout is prone to cracking. Should I repair the existing crack (which goes across a long stretch of the counter) with grout to match...
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    hose draining into crawl space + duct leaks

    Hi. I live in a 50-yr-old split-level house in North Carolina. I don't know a lot about HVACs but have been investigating our crawl space due to some mold problems we're having (lots of mold in the crawl, and now a good bit in the house). One of the big areas of mold/mildew growth seems to be...