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  1. A

    Busted rennai tankless copper pipe

    hi everyone, i'm a first time poster here. i live in austin which has had an epic freeze. my tankless water heater split a copper pipe. i've cut a copper line and capped before, but this split pipe is new for me. does it seem repairable, and if so, how? there's a picture attached and i circled...
  2. K

    Size of hole for floor joist

    We are building a house and on a recent trip to the house I was looking more closely at the floor joists and plumbing in the basement. I noticed this hole was cut in one of the 2x10 joists to accommodate a 3 inch schedule 40 PVC drain pipe for a bathroom toilet that is above this location. The...
  3. W

    Help with Saniflo upflush toilet discharge line

    I am installing a Saniflo upflush self contained toilet in my basement. This model does not need to be vented. I have seen folks say it is ok to have an upflush toilet discharge into the 2" horizontal waste line before it drops into the main stack. I have seen others say that is not OK. I have...
  4. K

    Shower valve PEX fitting types

    I am in the planning stages of constructing a bathroom shower with a handheld sprayer and rainfall shower operated valve and I have a couple rookie questions for the rough-in. I would like to use PEX for the inlet and outlet connections on the shower valve. I see there is a few different types...
  5. R

    Should I use calk or grout to fix a long crack between the counter and the backsplash?

    One picture below shows what looks like a solid grout seal between the counter and backsplash, but I thought that calk is more appropriate for this area because grout is prone to cracking. Should I repair the existing crack (which goes across a long stretch of the counter) with grout to match...
  6. ZoeA

    H2O intake floating in midair? Insulation ideas?

    Hi all! Renoing our house and the water intake is just poked through the wall. Seems the contractor that replaced it didn't want to put it through one of the other holes in the foundation, so this was his solution. The homeowner had built a (now rotted ant-eaten) box lined with blue polyiso...
  7. A

    Cementing yard with underground Drywells

    Hi all, I am currently in a year long gut renovation project that has me at my wits end. From day 1 I let our contractor know that we’d like to cement our entire backyard and he basically brushed it off and kept saying we have plenty of time for that. Well, the time has come and now that I...