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  1. T

    New to siding - rotten wood siding, how to fix

    Hello everybody We've got some vertical oriented wood siding on our house that has started to rot away. 1. Can anybody tell me what kind of siding this is? It seems like some kind of pressed/formed wood imitation 2.Wife's worried about black mold. Do I/ how do I check for that? 3. What's the...
  2. A

    Central air repair question

    My central air unit outside won't run, but the fan inside the condo runs. I'm having an HVAC tech out tomorrow. They charge $105 hour + $69 trip charge. Is this a fair price? Assuming they actually figure out why it's not running and can fix it within the hour?
  3. MTDIYer

    Re-glueing Loose Countertop Trim - Best Glue, and tips or tricks?

    Hello, As a person who has screwed up a few home repair projects, I like to check for advice before attempting projects that look simple. Some of the Formica trim on our counter tops has come off and some is loose. It is mostly the trim on the edge, like that shown in the picture. Please...
  4. MrsStark

    Needing advice on how to tackle drywall repairs

    Hello Everyone!! I apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, or if some parts of my post belong elsewhere. I'm VERY NEW to understanding the lingo of home remodeling, so I've tried to point out my areas of concern as easily as possible, without making a fool of myself haha...
  5. M

    Help! How to repair this wall? -Don’t know what it’s made of...

    Hello, Let me start off by saying - I am a first time home owner who is trying to figure things out as I go... At first I thought repairing these walls in my closets would be a fairly "easy" task... But now I'm second guessing myself. Coming here to get some tips. I'd love to do this repair...