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  1. G

    What preparation is needed for a solid surface (e.g. Corian) shower?

    This guy shows a solid surface shower pan going into a space straight onto the subfloor, and bare studs. But I was talking to a design consultant with DIY experience who strongly suggested cement board or greenboard over the studs...
  2. S

    Where to find this shower stem sleeve?

    Hello everyone, Re-doing my shower! We have a two-handle setup, and I'm hoping to replace the stem sleeves (or whatever you call them) with oil rubbed bronze ones. Trouble is, I can't find them anywhere. Part of the problem may be that I'm not really sure what the part is called. Check out the...
  3. Glenn_S

    Bathroom remodel-task list

    Since I documented all the items in my remodel, I figured I would share with anyone who may want it. Your prices may vary, as well as the quantities. Hopefully it will help someone. When you unzip it, it is an excel spreadsheet.
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