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    Wood rot and open web floor trusses

    Hello All, I had a long running toilet leak that caused the subfloor to rot around it. I have cut out the subfloor and removed all of the rotten subfloor and I am at the point that i need to box in the area but I am at a loss because I have open web floor trusses with one of the open web trusses...
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    Question about using vinegar and baking soda on subfloor - won't hurt subfloor?

    Question about particle board subfloor and pet urine. Was told to spray enzymatic pet urine cleaner and let it dry, then spray white vinegar (undiluted), let it dry, then spritz with baking soda dissolved in water and let it dry. Then I'm supposed to apply Kilz paint. Well I've done all...
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    What preparation is needed for a solid surface (e.g. Corian) shower?

    This guy shows a solid surface shower pan going into a space straight onto the subfloor, and bare studs. But I was talking to a design consultant with DIY experience who strongly suggested cement board or greenboard over the studs...
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    Half width plywood subfloor?

    I am wanting to put a subfloor in an attic space with very limited hatch access. There's no easy way to get 4x8 pieces up there - is it possible to use 2x8 pieces? Are there any changes to how you would do this, or is it a no-go? Thanks!