water damage

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    Wood embedded in basement floor

    Hi all, Hoping for a second opinion on an issue we're having. We recently purchased a home with a finished basement. A few weeks ago we started noticing a mildewy smell in the basement and, fearing water seepage, pulled up a corner of the wall-to-wall carpeting. What we discovered was that...
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    Wet towel damage in master bath???

    Hello to all you homeowners out there! Me and my wife are new first time home owners. Earlier today my wife was getting out of the shower and noticed that low on the wall under where she hangs her towel there is some cracking and peeling of the paint. My first thought and opinion was that...
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    Wood rot and open web floor trusses

    Hello All, I had a long running toilet leak that caused the subfloor to rot around it. I have cut out the subfloor and removed all of the rotten subfloor and I am at the point that i need to box in the area but I am at a loss because I have open web floor trusses with one of the open web trusses...
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    Identifying leak source

    Hello. Recently, my wife moved a bed to clean under it and we discovered that the drywall by the floor trim is bulging out, the trim itself is warped and also bulging, and the adjacent wood flooring is also slightly warped. Also, about 3 feet directly above this damage, there's a line break in...