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  1. R

    Does this opening between the bathtub and tile look normal before I re-caulk it? How should I seal the joint between the tub and the wood moulding?

    I have just peeled the poorly placed caulk around my bathtub and now need to re-caulk it. Does the result of my caulk-removal look typical to you? (It's my first time doing it.) There are bits of old caulk that seem impossible for me to peel off with my painter's tool. Should I keep scraping at...
  2. Q

    Nutcracker fiasco

    Good Day, I need advice on repairing my wooden nutcracker (photos attached). During New Year’s celebration nutcracker could not handle excessive use and cracked right in the middle. Does anyone have any ideas on how to best repair it? I don’t want to purchase a new one.
  3. ebonyx

    HELP!! Cabinet Discoloration from Goo Gone!

    I use goo gone on my wooden cabinets often We recently bought a special goo gone formulated for use on stoves and grills I, extremely erroneously, believed that this would work essentially the same as the classic goo gone does, just with a foaming agent that helps it grab the loose, thick dirt...
  4. zepper

    Does glue cure better with or without clamps?

    Hey guys – I've just applied Titebond II to some wood and clamped it. The bottle says it should be clamped for 30 minutes, then allowed to set for 24 hours before it's subjected to stress. Are they just saying that 30 minutes is the minimum time you should clamp anything? Or are they...