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Nov 3, 2014
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Cary NC
A Habitat used to be in the building behind my garage... they were a pain and a good thing to have around... they wanted the lot my house sits on to expand their tiny parking lot so they kept psychotically siccing the city Inspection Dept. (they work with building houses) on me trying to drive me away. But they did have bargains in building materials and household needs. Like $1.50 for a 15" flourescent light tube that cost $8.50 elsewhere... plus doors, windows, appliances, furniture... etc... I offered to sell my property to them but in their insanity they wanted me to donate my home of 40 years to them (while still alive)... like welfare rats, they're used to getting everything free... fortunately, someone burned them out of that building... I suspect a junkie burglar who robbed the place and then set it on fire to cover up his tracks... and between that and the plandemic, the city has been leaving me alone lately... guess I was the old crippled up guy in the way of 'progress'... or was it $$$$$$$$$$$$? Habitat moved a few miles away into a much larger complex of 3 buildings now... A roofer moved into the old building, cleaned it up, and, as a sideline, now mixes up left over paints into 5 gallon buckets, stirs it up, puts a color sample dab on the lid, and sells it to anyone willing to accept whatever color it turned out to be... he also gets distressed lumber and plywood from home centers, railroads, etc. and sells that stuff...
Our HFH Reuse store did the same, mixing interior latex paint up into large batches. They usually came out in a shade of gray or beige, sometimes they had a light gray purple color. I mixed up a bunch that my wife got from a house she was the selling agent for and the owners left. I mixed up five gallons and it came out with a light gray with a slight sheen to it, like an eggshell/satin. It was perfect for my shop. I stuck with latex interior paints.