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    #1. When I first installed my Hardibacker I used the wrong screws and upon Mr. Vincent's advice I replaced them with the right screws and took the other ones out. Now I have hundreds of holes in my Hardibacker. Should I fill those in with mortar now and let it dry before I start laying tile, or, should I just make sure they get filled in good when I start laying tile?

    #2. When I was screwing down my Hardibacker sometimes the area around the screws would kinda "bubble up" (the concrete that became loose around the screw would clump up under the fiberglass mesh and would create a small little "hump"). Should I go back and gently tap those level with a hammer and then sweep and vacuum it good or is that "hump" normal and acceptable? Also, what is the maximum height an obstruction (screw or "hump") can be before it affects the tile? (I'm using 18"x18" porcelain tile if that makes a difference)

    #3. After installing the Hardibacker I checked it with a 48" level. I discovered two places that were off about an 1/8". Is that acceptable?

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